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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 september 2011 12:35

Today is the day............ in a few hours we're leaving for our big adventure. We'll be flying to Newark New Jersey and there switch to an airbus for the last leg to Stockholm.

We'll be landing at 7.15 AM on Tuesday their time. For us it's 1.15AM so I'm sure we'll be very sleepy, and I'll be very happy to get out of my bag and find a nice tree to water.

Last night it was thundering and lightning again, so I refused to go out, and this morning I saw some flashes on the sky..............again I'm staying in. Mom is getting worried and says I have to go, but when I tell her NO it's NO ............capissshh ?



I've had my last checkup with Dr. Grigsby at Harbor City animal hospital. He's awesome, I like him very much even though his giving me shots and forcing pills down my throat. The girls there really loves me and always give special treats.



I said goodbye to Bodie, and he got so upset and cried. We just met, he said, and now you're leaving ? I'll be back, I said.


Than I went on my rounds to pick up treats. Baconlady still not home.................some nerve........, but Mike across the street from her tried to make up for it, but he didn't have bacon, just some dried up dogbones ............yuckk ...........but beggars can't be chooosy..........  



Last thing Mom did was to finish the cottage quilt, why that was a rush I don't know ??

OK, I'm so looking forward to meet all my cyberfriends.........Petrus, Marta, Malte, Kasper, Aamor, Sigge,Ludde, Grabbarna Boys, Elvis, Rudi........Hope I didn't forget anyone..........Marta is my girl, I get weak in my knees just thinking about her...........

Som synes så pratar vi Engelska nu, Matte säger att dom flesta förstår båda språken, presis som jag, men det finns en knapp upp till höger som översätter, inte så bra kanske, men ändå.


Hugs from Mom and lots of wet kisses from me........................I'm flying , I'm flying .woohooooooooooooooo




12 september 2011 15:41

I'll be thinking of you both.. enjoy the trip. Speak to you via Skype or direct at the "Kings field" ♥♥♥


Eva H

Eva H

12 september 2011 17:44

Hope you'll enjoy the flight! Even though it seems a liiittle bit dull to sit in a bag for that long...
Hope to see you!


EvaLena Hallgren

12 september 2011 22:06

I'm out of the bag now, sitting very nicley on my own chair............wet kisses



12 september 2011 17:57

Hoppas du kan hålla dig hela resan annars får du gå in på toa så får matte städa efter dig!
Ha nu en trevlig resa!



EvaLena Hallgren

12 september 2011 22:05

Noway, I'm not going anywhere inside, I was lucky to find a small grassy area now while waiting for next plane......



12 september 2011 19:07

Oj, det måste vara svårt att hålla sig så länge utan ett enda träd. Väskan kanske har dräneringshål i botten? Nu önskar vi dig en trevlig resa och hoppas att du kommer att gilla Sverige... Kramis!


EvaLena Hallgren

12 september 2011 22:03

I was lucky, we have 3 hours wait here in New Jersey, so we found a little green grass to take a leak. Right now I'm napping on a chair. This traveling stuff is really exhausting............wet kisses to you Ludde

Britt Marie o Rudi

Britt Marie o Rudi

12 september 2011 21:13

Imagine, right now you are flying around up in the sky while I lay here lazily on my kitchen sofa as usual! Boy, do I think you are a brave litle dog and an adventurous one too! Happy landing tomorrow! I´ll be thinking about your full bladder :-)


EvaLena Hallgren

12 september 2011 22:00

At the moment I'm in the terminal at Newark airport waiting for next airplane. I'm spreading the happiness just being me laying here taking a nap on a chair.
I'm even braver than Mom, she's scared of flying.......all is well ........wet kisses to you



12 september 2011 21:41

Hi Buttons, Lovely to see you just now and that the first part of your travel went OK up yo New York, you look so very cool at the airport. Have a nice fligth to Arlanda, might see you on the Skype tomorrow. ♥♥♥


EvaLena Hallgren

12 september 2011 21:56

It's amazing that we just spoke to each other from Moms laptop. At the moment I have a very proud Mom, she let me out of the bag and I'm laying here on my own chair waiting for next flight. Everybody that walks by get a big smile on their faces.......you know I'm real good at spreading hapiness..............wet kisses from me



13 september 2011 00:40

Oj, tänk att du finns däruppe bland molnen nu! Nej, du är nog ovanför dem!!!
Tur du hittade en liten plätt att kissa på mellan planen!
Hoppas Sverige tar emot dig med åtminstone HYFSAT väder - hörde nåt på radion om att Katja just nu är på väg in över oss (men hon är nog ganska klen nu).


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13 september 2011 07:19

I had no idea you were leaving so soon. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I hope to see you in Florida in Nov when you return. I still need to make it down there for a visit. Stay intouch. I wonder if buttons will like Sweeden?? Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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15 september 2011 22:06

Saknar dig, o matte redan, men vi ses igen!!!-Ha det så bara bäst, o ha dé gott ;-D Kramizar fr. mig ♥

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