Alla inlägg den 16 september 2011

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 16 september 2011 08:53

We're now on the third day here in Sweden, and so far it's pretty good.The flight was no problems I behaved like an angel so Mom is so proud of me. Here I am at Newark airport waiting for next flight to Stockholm.



We stayed 2 nights at a friends place outside Stockholm, and we explored the neigborhood together. It's much colder here compare to what I'm used to, but it's not all that bad. So far I'm fine without a sweater.

some flowers are still pretty.


Moms friend that live in England also came to visit, and we took a long nice walk. It's pretty windy, but it's going to get better soon.



From the balcony of my friends place we looked down at an outdoor daycare. Mom couldn't belive her eyes that the poor children had to play outside regardless of weather, but Swedes say it's healthy ? I guess it is,but it didn't look ok to us.



Moms friend Jan picked us up yesterday, and we are now half way up to Moms hometown. We spent the night at a real cosy Bed&Breakfast called Aina. At the moment it's very sunny, but like I said not very warm.

Here's a picture of a freezing Jan


  Connection is so slow here so Mom don't want to write any more, but I'll be back to update my adventure real soon................wet kisses and hugs to all.


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