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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 16 september 2011 08:53

We're now on the third day here in Sweden, and so far it's pretty good.The flight was no problems I behaved like an angel so Mom is so proud of me. Here I am at Newark airport waiting for next flight to Stockholm.



We stayed 2 nights at a friends place outside Stockholm, and we explored the neigborhood together. It's much colder here compare to what I'm used to, but it's not all that bad. So far I'm fine without a sweater.

some flowers are still pretty.


Moms friend that live in England also came to visit, and we took a long nice walk. It's pretty windy, but it's going to get better soon.



From the balcony of my friends place we looked down at an outdoor daycare. Mom couldn't belive her eyes that the poor children had to play outside regardless of weather, but Swedes say it's healthy ? I guess it is,but it didn't look ok to us.



Moms friend Jan picked us up yesterday, and we are now half way up to Moms hometown. We spent the night at a real cosy Bed&Breakfast called Aina. At the moment it's very sunny, but like I said not very warm.

Here's a picture of a freezing Jan


  Connection is so slow here so Mom don't want to write any more, but I'll be back to update my adventure real soon................wet kisses and hugs to all.




16 september 2011 10:22

You globetrotter you! It´s pretty unusual to see photos of you in rainy cold weather! That´s the way I like it, I hate hot and sunny! Of course kids shall play outside in any weather, it really IS healthy. We´re looking forward to your next report! I don´t know if I want to give you a wet kiss , but here is a hug for you!




16 september 2011 13:00

So beautiful! And look at everyone wearing those big jackets - looks kind of refreshing. Looking forward to more photos. Have fun!




16 september 2011 14:57

Hörrö Button! jag kan inte de där språket så värst, bara var tredje rad sådär ;)
Kram & må så gott i vårt land ett tag i alla fall! & vem vet? vi kanske ses♥ fniss... /Märta




16 september 2011 16:55

Men varför ksriver du på engleska nu, i Sverige ??? Matte hjälpte mig att förklara vad där stod, hon brukar också prata sådär konstigt när vi är hos några av våra vänner som kommer från skottland.
Jag hade också hoppats på att träffa dig, men jag vet ju inte hur det ska gå till. Jag får väl prata med dig här istället, fast då kan man ju inte busa !




16 september 2011 17:54

Så fint du skötte dig på resan - hoppas matten skötte sig lika bra... ;)
Sweden visar ju inte sitt värsta väder nu, och det är ju tur.
Hur skulle det förresten gå för dom stackars barnen om dom inte lekte ute även när det är lite ruskigt? Dom skulle ju vara instängda från i princip oktober till april! Och gå miste om alla snörullningar, såna som jag både jag och dom flesta barn älskar! Och du anar inte vilka varma kläder dom har!
(Visst förstår jag vad du skriver, men tänker fortsätta att svara på svenska, för det är jag MYCKET bättre på!)




16 september 2011 18:09

Skönt att resan över gick bra.
Det är ju inte den varma tiden du kommit hit precis men du är en Shih Tzu och vi är tåliga men kan så klart gnälla ändå ;)!





16 september 2011 23:01

Tur att du har en varm och god päls nu när du kommit till Sverige. Det behövs minsann när det blir höst här. Gissar att i Skellefteåtrakten är det ändå kallare... Kramis!




16 september 2011 23:33

Hi Buttons. Hope that the trip to Skellefteå is going OK. It looks like it could be a bit cold up there during the evenings/nights at the week-end, but most houses are very warm inside. Looking forward to read more of your trip.I love to hear if you will like SURSTRÖMMING.. I guess you will love the smell!!!. Take care ♥♥♥


Eva H

Eva H

18 september 2011 12:48

Hey - you'll return home a real viking!
My guess is it's your MOM that complains, and not you:)


Ingen bild

Lars Andersson

18 september 2011 19:18

Välkommen till Sverige. Hoppas att det kommer att finnas tid till att träffas. Det skulle verkligen vara trevligt.

Hälsningar från Kusin Lasse.

EvaLena Hallgren

19 september 2011 09:02

absolut ska vi tröffas



19 september 2011 21:50

Hi Buttons, Where were you when I spoke to 'the queen of Florida' earlier tonight??? Hope you are enjoying your vacation and like it 'up north' Love from London ♥♥♥


    Kom ihåg mig



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It's getting longer and longer between the updates now, and I know that it means getting closer to the flight over the ocean so I'm ok with it. I think Mom got a little bit of cabin fever parked on the top of a ski slope in a small village called S...

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I haven't updated my blog in over a week and I haven't bugged Mom about it either. The reason is that we spent a week in Moms puppy town visiting with friends and relatives. Not much happening for me but I'm very grateful to be in the country where M...

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Last night we spent by this river and we both slept very well as the wind rocked us to sleep. In the morning it was sunny and it looked like it'll turn out to another gorgeous day.   there is not much traffic here and it could feel pretty lonely...

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An entire week has been gone by since my update and that's because Mom says we don't have much to tell right now. We are at Mom's puppy town and visiting so many homes eating and eating and eating and in between, we do "fika" I have most wrapped ...

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