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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 23 september 2011 08:42

I thought mom was going to help me update my blog daily, but she's so busy meeting people, chatting about her puppylife, so there's hardly any time left for me...............but that's going to change soon, because today we'll be starting the long drive south and hopefully get almost all the way to the sweet old lady who's 90th birthday we came to celebrate in November.

We have met so many great people here, mom was showered with gifts and the hospitality has been amazing everywhere we went.

So many memories and laughs.................

  This camper has been our home for the week, and it has been awesome......



This little cabin was where they ate that fermented fish, and it's so cute and comfy, so mom is thinking about asking if we can rent it in the summer...............great idea I thought, but hopefully they can turn off the rain when we come back.....




This is the kind lady where we live, I'm following her around the kitchen just in case she'll drop something.



Mom and her puppyfriend were so happy to see each other again after at least 40 years........................... so they been sitting around chatting late into the nights.


  This is the church mom went to as a puppy, looks exactly the same as she remember.


The white house is Moms first school she went to as a 6year old..............looooooooong time ago. The art on the wall came later when the new school expanded................It was art you can look at for a long long time, and always find something new.

  She went to the coffeeshop where she learned to smoke ( thank god she quit that shitty habit ) and the new cookie was supposed to look like a goldbar, since her puppytown is Swedens goldtown, where there is a goldmine. The cookie is almost exactly the same as Dad's favorite princesscake.


  after cookie and coffee we past her puppyhouse, and that sure changed a lot. This used to be the last house on the block with pastures all around. Now there was houses everywhere.



We continued to the lake Falkträsket where she learned to swim and her uncle had a summercabin.Uncle went over the rainbow bridge a long time ago. The new owner was there and invited us to come in, and the place looked exactly the same as she remembered, same wallhangings, same dishes...........same everything, mom cried a little.

  OK, now it's time to cross the river and leave this wonderful place and head down south.............................I hope mom will find time to update real soon..............until then  lots of wet kisses to all my friends





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23 september 2011 15:21

Ååå... så charmig och mysig du är Buttons. Jätte roligt att du och din matte kunde komma till oss i Sverige. Underbart att få träffa din matte EvaLena efter 40 år och få dela roliga minnen med henne och höra hur ni har det. Synd att jag inte kunde trolla bort regnet och ta fram solen. Hoppas eran bilresa söderut går bra. Många kramar till er. Vanja

EvaLena Hallgren

24 september 2011 07:49

you are the hostess with the mostess, wonderful staying with you. One day I'll be back, and take my mom with me. Maybe next time that cat will stop and play with me..........lots of wet kisses to you and Lizze....



23 september 2011 18:39

Vad mycket du får se på din resa. Klart matte har mycket att göra när hon träffar sin barndomskamrat.
Du, tappade hon nått gottigt på golvet, fniss?



EvaLena Hallgren

24 september 2011 07:46

oh yes, she dropped some goodies, but mom had told her to be careful since I have a very sensitive stommac.............wet kisses

 Rudi o matten

Rudi o matten

23 september 2011 22:30

What do you mean ...rain? All I see is sunshine and blue skies in every photo!
So you´ll be heading south now, that should be an interesting journey. Hope your Mom takes lots of photos of you in every city you visit, so that she can post them on your blog for us to see!


EvaLena Hallgren

24 september 2011 07:12

hahaha, guess you're right..........almost. Must be the sunshine filter on the camera :-);-)
Today we'll be in Malung and sunshine.....promise. We're leaving as soon as moms friend wakes up......wet kisses



23 september 2011 23:11

Sounds as if you have had a lovely time in Skellefteå. Pity that the rain has 'dribbled' on you a few times. Hopefully Dalarna will offer you better weather. Are you going up to Tällberg & eat the best ♥waffles♥ in Sweden (or in the whole world!!) while in Dalarna??? Looking forward to your next blogg, I also hope that you will do as Rudi suggested, take plenty of photos of all the places you visit. Nighty nighty from across the North Sea ♥♥♥


EvaLena Hallgren

24 september 2011 07:08

I'm sure Mom will go that place and eat, but I'm pretty sure I'll be left in the car there. Don't understand why, but mom says it's a human rule for whatever reason .......Wet kisses



23 september 2011 23:25

Måste vara skoj att få bo i husvagnen. Vilken massa härliga ställen ni varit på. Kramis!


EvaLena Hallgren

24 september 2011 07:05

Cabin was awesome, like a miniature home for me.....and you could listen to the rain on the roof...........wet kisses to you

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24 september 2011 22:01

Looks like you are having a great time,hope the weather improves for you...Big hug to both of you ♥

Eva H

Eva H

25 september 2011 11:04

"Waffles in Tällberg"... I can STILL feel the taste after 22 years...:) Hope the weather let's you sit outside so you can go along!
Many lovely houses you're passing and visiting.
Jesper and Assar says people in kitchens always should have "slippery hands"! Otherwise it's unfair!!!


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