Alla inlägg den 28 september 2011

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 september 2011 08:18

I thought mom was going to update my blog every day ? But everyday there’s something else. Also I have to admit, we’re both very tired for some reason. We go to bed early and sleep to late in the morning, it must be the crisp clean mountain air ?.At night mom opens the window so it’s freezing and I curl up really close to her to keep warm.

Right now Anna is reading the paper and noticed that a wolf killed a calf in next village over, and now she sound real mad and want the wolfs to move to Stockholm to kill the politicians……….mom do not agree, but see no reason to argue with a 90 year old lady. Anna believe that first wolf will kill all the moose, and than the children, like it was in the old days ..??

We have been here in the village of Malung for 4 days now, but have to retract back to moms puppy town.


We went visiting to new found cousins and an aunt, that was fun. We also visited her big brother ( Have no idea why he’s called BIG brother, as far as I could see he was much smaller ? At least less wide )

His son and girlfriend came with a big dog, that had no idea he was big, he wanted to be a lapdog just like me. He was ok, but tried to hump my back, and that pissed me off.

They were served moms favorite, palt, it looked like a big grey bomb,I never got a taaste, but not sure I would have liked it anyway.




Mom and her friends went out for dinner, and I got to stay with her newfound cousin, which was totally ok.

After supper they had coffee at a classmates house, and he still had pictures from all the puppies in the class, so they had a great time gossiping and reminiscing about them all




are really serious about recycling, this is how the garbage bin under the sink looks like in many homes. Mom says it’s a real good thing, and hope they learn in US too.


Moms cousin invited us to look at the famous cheese factory in her province. (I had to stay in the car   )The use 400 litre of milk daily, and make about 22 000 cheeses a year. Sometimes mom buys it at IKEA in Orlando. Mom and Jan tried to lift the milkcan they used in the old days. She hardly moved it, but her friend did a little better.


Finally we had to leave moms puppy town and head south, that sadden mom, because she would have liked to visit more friends, but hopefully we can make this trip again soon, and do it in the summer instead. Rain and cold is not what I'm used to, and I hate this damn sweater...........but I hate freezing even more.


In a town mom remembered well, she had to stop and look at the harebird., that she so believed was real when se was a pup. The story is that a few hunters was sitting around bragging about their catch, and one wanted to be on top and said he shot a harebird. Since no one believed him, he had a taxe   dermist put it together. A tall tale that still have gawking visitors amazed.



At Annas house mom ate another of her favorites blood pudding and bacon with fresh lingon berries ……I was offered a taste, but after a sniff I decided she can keep it and I have my kibbles………..yuck.




Everyday we go for a long walk, and I’m so lucky to get a ride with Anna. She’s the nicest person I know, after mom of course (she’s reading this, I’m taking no risks)



It's defintley fall here, lots of rain but not too cold yet. So far I only had to wear that ugly sweater once. Hopefully that's it.


hope the hear from you all,and

I'm sending lots of wet kisses to you all.................miss you



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