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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 2 oktober 2011 13:57

Unbelievable so fast the days and weeks go by, even if we're doing nothing. I think mom has a little abstinence from the sewing machine, but she bought some yarn and are crocheting a scarf........

Here in Sweden everybody drinks a lot of coffee, and I mean A LOT and very often. Here I am at the morning coffee waiting for my share of cheese.

I like having a couch in the kitchen, it gives me a good view of what's going on at the table........... wish I had one at home


Yesterday morning we walked to the river and who knew, that even in a small village like this, there's graffitti .............kind of like in New York where mom used to live. There was no wind and 65 F..........which is extremley unusual this time of the year. We're liking it a lot. Pretty soon there will be no leaves left on the trees, and mom is keeping her fingers crossed hopeing we dont get any snow..........I don't know what that is, so I have no opinion about that..............yet



This is the back of the biggest house in town,  it has a coffeeshop, bakery and a flowershop , and apartments on top...........Mom likes it  a lot..........




One of Annas grandchildren owns a bowling alley, and we were invited there a few days ago. That was one scary place, but mom was so busy playing she did't notice how frighten I was.............The great granddaughter took me for a walk and when we came back I refused to go inside. I was shaking in fear, but she thought I was freezing so she just covered me up. Finally mom came and realized how bad I felt, so they all stopped making so much noice. Mom was real bad at it, and got  a beating from this little guy..................



Two days ago we went for a ride in Annas neighbors car, It's the smallest cutest car I've ever seen, not much bigger than my baconladys golfcart, but this one has doors.

............can you spot me there peeking out between the seats  ?

I was left in the car while they had lunch....................no they didn't bring anything back ..........  


In the restaurant mom got the giggles when she had to squeeze ketchup and mustard from these bottles ................

It was like a stroke and  squeeze  an udder on a cow............mom giggled and resisted the temptation to turn and shoot the guy behind her full of ketchup......



The upstairs lady invited us to fried herring, and here I really struck gold. She put all the plates on the floor for me to lick clean. It was yummi.......especially the dessert .................vanilla ic cream..........

Mom loves this herring, one of her favorites.........




Mom was really wondering what the owners of this car was trying to accomplish ??....................easy I said..............It's a doggy door, can't you see that ?



Here's another sign that cracked mom up, it's on the garbegecans in town and says "for garbage and dogshit" the Swedes sure don't forget about us.............but from what I've seen,  most people seems to ignore the sign...........very unfortunate says mom.


Now it's time for my walk, but unfortunatlley it looks like the wonderful weather is gone. Looks like it's going to rain soon, so I better hurry do my business


have a great day everyone................miss you all....................... I'm  sending lots of wet kisses.




2 oktober 2011 17:02

Vilken bra utsiktsplats du hade i köket. ALLA små hundar borde få ha en soffa i köket så dom kan se vad som dukas fram. Bowling har jag aldrig spelat och jag skulle nog inte heller gilla ljudet från alla käglor som skramlar omkring... Kramis!




2 oktober 2011 17:41

Jag kan varmt rekomedera en kökssoffa, matteföräldrarna har en och där brukar jag och syrran också sitta. Nu när du provat och gillar det så får du bearbeta matte!
Stackare som blev rädd i bowlinghallen fast det hade nog jag också blivit säger matte för det låter tydligen högt där.
Det var ingen snygg bil den där med hål i dörren, matta och ingen vindruta.



Eva H

Eva H

2 oktober 2011 18:48

Det där huset gillas här också! Massor!!! (Kanske nå'n som bor där vill byta till sig en lägenhet här...)
Kökssoffa tycker jag definitivt du ska kräva att ni köper med som souvenir! Allt annat vore orättvist alltså.
PUSS pysen!




3 oktober 2011 10:53

Hi Buttons, looks like you are enjoying yourself in Dalarna as well. Love the placemats on the kitchen table!!!! Glad to see that you have a good watching out place from the kitchen sofa, would be sad to miss out on anything going on. Got home late last nigth from 5 days in Marrakech, extreamly hot out there with +38 degres som days, but a very large pool to cool down in. See you on the Skype in the week. ♥♥♥




3 oktober 2011 21:15

I got my own kitchen sofa! Nobody else sits in it, because the coushion gets very "doggy" or something, they say. From my sofa I can check every last bite that goes into Mom´s mouth. Very convenient!The few times that I´m in town Mom has to pick up my poo with a black plastic bag. Then she throws it in one of those bins.She is not at all happy when she has to do thar :-)
I´m waiting eagerly for your next travel report, Buttons!


Ingen bild


4 oktober 2011 22:22

Looks like you are having a great time,You MUST tell matte to buy you a kitchen sofa!!!!!They do sell them at IKEA...Enjoy the rest of your holiday ♥



5 oktober 2011 00:07

Nu har jag läst i kapp - har inte varit så mycket vid datorn senaste dagarna. :)
Hittills har du ju haft det jättebra, undantagandes då det där olycksaliga bowlingbesöket!
Men nu - tackars dej, för nu blir det ju ännu kallare här i landet Sverige! Kan nog vara knepigt om man inte är van. Täcke på!
Undrar förresten vad du skulle gilla snö - JAG gillar det skarpt!
Och du - en kökssoffa är du absolut värd! En sån ser ut att passa dej PRECIS!


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