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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 5 oktober 2011 19:20

Still having a great time, relaxing, visiting and drinking coffee................it's called FIKA and Swedes do that a lot.

Several of Annas grandchildren stopped by for "fika" and painted some squares for moms planned quilt


They're all so cute and so Swedish looking, like this little cutie pie.....


Every day we go for walks with Anna, and when I get tired she gives me a ride..............life is pretty good.

Here we're sitting around in the sun shooting the shit...........like I said, life is pretty good


Two days ago we were invited to have supper at Annas sons house, and once again it smelled horrific.  This is the strangest smell ever to come from a kitchen, even in homes where they don't know how to cook, it never smells this bad.

I'm fortunate not having to eat it, but mom and the other humans seem to really enjoy this fermented fish...............I think horse poop smells better.


Another one of Annas great grandchildren, (she has 26 ) is a hockey player, so mom went to cheer him on. I was lucky to stay home and watch Anna, because there's an awful lot of noice there, and cold as ...............


We have been pretty lucky with the weather latley, but tomorrow it's supposed to get real bad....................that's just my luck........I have a date, a date that I've been looking forward to, and if it's raining I'm not going to look so good..................darn

Fall is coming quickly now...............


Now it's TV time for mom, and chewbone time for me...............I miss you all sending wet kisses to ALL my friends.....................and a licking to my enemies............if I have any -


Eva H

Eva H

5 oktober 2011 21:12

Horsepoo DEFINATLY smells better!
We hope you get "fika" also, specially Petrus here likes those things veeeery much:)
And don't wory about the date - don't believe you can look bad!




6 oktober 2011 00:06

Förstår att du inte gillar surströmming! OM jag skulle träffa på en, skulle jag nog raskt rulla mig i den, och sen skulle jag nog få alla Rönninges tikar efter mig... Kramis!




6 oktober 2011 01:01

All I can say is lucky your Mom that have been offered surströmming so often.. I agree that the smell is a bit strong when you open the tins, but surströmming, almond potato, red onions, tomatoes rolled up in a bit of soft tunnbröd is LOVELY. I hope that you also get lots of goodies when it is fikatime. Enjoy tomorrow & if I have guessed right give my love to all the dogs & their Matte & co.... ♥♥♥




6 oktober 2011 13:30

I really, really don´t believe that you have any enemies, Buttons! Thar surströmming-stuff has never been eaten at my home, thank God! Bläh, as we say in the old country!




6 oktober 2011 17:44

Inte tusan kan du ha några fiender och om det skulle så vara är det ju deras problem!
Den där sura fisken har matte aldrig ätit och jag tror inte hon kommer att göra det heller.
Ha en fortsatt trevlig Sverigevistelse!



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