Alla inlägg den 12 oktober 2011

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 oktober 2011 10:07

I have forgotten to tell about the day when Annas son Bengt picked us up for a trip to his summercabin in the forest. That was a great time and a gorgeous sunny day, not too cold


Anna said I have to stay close because there's moose, wolf, bear and other wild animals that would consider me good food. Mom didn't seem too worried though, except when I went down to the lake, and she said she's not diving in after me if I fall in................HA, I know better though


 Bengt told mom the story about this thing growing in a tree.  Many many years ago when there was a famine in Sweden, a lumberjack had enough, took off his hat  and placed in on top of a small pine, and said I'm off to America, and off he went. Years later he came back and looked for his hat, and found it  grown into the stem of this large pinetree. Not sure if it is a true story, but the locals claim it is.




Another day we went to visit Annas sister Brita, and we stopped at this store with stiff animals. That place smelled wonderful, so wonderful that I was placed back in the car, because I really wanted to add my scent in a few places.


look at this fox .....................he looks terrified of what's left of a moose..........



This week it's moose hunting here, and schools are closed so the kids can be with their parents hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mom think that's yuck, but it's a tradition here so she better shut up.

Mom is getting cabin fever, so she walks a lot, sometimes I come along, sometimes I stay home with Anna. Every morning we all go for a walk together, and the best part of that is the ride I get with Anna, as soon as I'm done pooing..............

  It's definitley fall here now, on my first morning pee, the grass is white and chrunchy. Mom was freezing today, but I still don't need a sweater, that's for sissies..................maybe I'll change later if it gets even colder.................yiicccchhh  

Now Anna's waiting for our daily walk, so I'm off for now.

Wet kisses to all of you..



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