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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 18 oktober 2011 18:10

Mum had promised that she was going to help me with my blog every day!!! don't know what happened because it was quite a few days since she helped me update.  Nagging doesn't help, she says she's busy ?? with what I say, she's just relaxing doing nothing these days.........

Last Friday we rented a car and drove forever heading down south to her puppy friend in a town called Västervik.

Weather is gorgeous, not too cold and we're driving through beautiful scenery.




We arrived at her friends house and there lives two cats. I immediatley ran up to them, tail wagging on overdrive to say hello, but they wanted nothing to do with me, even though one of them was even bigger than me, he was still scared of me and refused to greet me.....,..????  Oh well, can't charm everyone.

Following day we went out to a big forest to pick mushrooms, what a great adventure I thought.


It's moose hunting week, and we did hear some shooting, but it sounded so far away we weren't worried, but all of a sudden we came up on a dead one...........at least I think it was, but mom didn't let me get close to check.......

We didn't see anybody with a gun around, so we were guessing they had left to get something to bring him home in.


mom and her friend did find some mushrooms and when we got home they sat at the kitchen table chatting and cleaning chanterellen. .I watched carefully but  didn't get even a tiny bit to taste.Later Lotta made very tasty sandwiches from them...............well, that's according to mom, I still have not been offered a taste      

Yesterday we went in to the city and browsed in the store windows. Stores are closed on Sundays in Sweden, so there was no shopping at all. That'll make dad real happy..............

They bought lunch in a place that looks and smells exactly the same way as at  home..........pretty cool I thought.

This day was warm enough to be able to sit outside if you're well dressed. 



In the middle of the town, on top of  a hill is the city church, not that mom goes there, and I'm probably not allowed in.............. but it's still a very pretty building.



Right now moms friend is making supper, and I'm keeping her company, she's pretty clumsy and keep dropping stuff, which is giving me GREAT treats, without mom getting involved.


This is it for now, hopefully I get mom to update more often, but I'm not holding my breath.............you know how she gets

Hugs and wet kisses to all my friends..................






Eva H

Eva H

18 oktober 2011 21:25

Tänk så bra du passar in i hösten här!
Och vilken härlig stuga du visade i förra.
Förstår dock inte varför du inte fick smaka på älgen? Hade ju kunnat fixa lite mat på egen tass där ju:)




18 oktober 2011 22:05

Den där döda älgen - en rejäl munsbit det! (Min minsta och nyaste katt ville just komma in med en mus i munnen, det är allt en väldig skillnad på en mus och en älg, även om dom har samma färg).
Du tycks ju ha det jättebra här i Sverige, trots hösten! Hoppas att du haft bättre väder idag än vad jag har haft!
Svansvift till dej! :)




19 oktober 2011 17:21

Åh vad matte var taskig som inte lät dig "smaka" en bit av älgen, det är mumsigt, tillagad i alla fall!
Bra med tvåbeningar som tappar en massa när de lagar mat, det gillas skarpt!





20 oktober 2011 14:21

Hi Buttons,if we are lucky on Saturday, we migth get some chantarelles that our Swedish visitors migth bring with them. Should a bit of elk or deer meat be in the same suitcase, would that be OK as well.
Keep enjoying Västervik & tell Mom to listen to you and help you with the bloggin!! ♥♥♥




20 oktober 2011 14:40

Vad skoj att träffa Petrus och Märta och den lille nye killen också. Men de såg ju inte så särskilt glada ut när de såg dig. Jga skulle nog opckså ha föröskt komma därifrån och istället ägnat mig åt Märta och hennes bus. Älgen tycker matte synd om, men det är ju jakttid, så det är sådant som man råkar på då i storskogarna. Men här har vi inga sådana, eller ja det har vi ju, men vi håller oss borta från dem.
Ingen dum ide att hålla kocken sällskap när hon är sådär att hon "tappar" gosaker på golvet. Då får man ju smakprov ! Inte dumt alls.


    Kom ihåg mig



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