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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 1 november 2011 11:34

Sick as a dog she says, but that's impossible, because when I get sick I throw up, eat the vomit and than I'm fine............I haven't seen her do that yet ? Still she's as warm as the frontseat in the car when I get the heat on it, and she can't eat, and hardly talk. (which isn't really a bad thing)

 All night she's tossing and turning, so between her being hot and not laying still, I decided to move in to Anna's bed for some peace and quiet.

Well, it looks like she's getting better now, she got some medecine that seems to work. She took me for a long walk today, but all other days the lady upstairs, named Gudrun took me walking. She's a great lady and I can easily recognice when she's in the staircase, and start to cry if she doesn't stop in and talk to me.



The story gets back to Jan's moms house. The surroundings was so pretty with fall colors and the village is so small everybody knows everybody, so I grew into an instant celebrity, and I don't mind that the least........




There aren't too many people around, but everyone I met sure wanted to say hello, and it seemed liked they had plenty of time to do so

Fall colors was beautiful




We took a long walk down to the small boat harbor,and around the bed and breakfast we stayed at when Dad came along, we celebrated his birthday here.




Next door is Saint Birgittas church , and I doubt much is going on there now, but it has a very old history.




Paper factory that this village is built around is still going, but with a lot less employees, since machines can do what people used to do. Depending of the direction of the wind, sometims it really stinks bad, and the chimney makes sounds like a spewing dragon, that scares me........

Nice supper after that walk


 Every time mom visits here it has become tradition to drive to the fishing dock and buy fresh smoked white fish, and if you're really lucky you can get char. This time we were lucky, but boy was it cold and windy.

Not a day for swimming for sure.





Nature around here is really gorgeous, and Tiveden is popular tourist area in the summer, so there's lots of bed&breakfast and campsites around...........mostly closed this time of the year.


this is great view to have while having breakfast mom thinks.............



Rock trolls




All good things comes to an end, so Wednesday morning we packed the car and headed back up north to Anna's house again.

On the way we saw this man in the middle of nowhere, no sign no nothing ?




Back in Malung, and from what I hear the whole town has been invaded by wolfs ?? Mom was told not to walk me after dark !!!! impossible, it's dark all the time ..........almost. They really do hate wolfs here, but I know mom feels different so we'll be on a lookout on our evening walks.

Apparantly wolf took sveral sheep, (see picture) and a few of the hunting dogs during moose hunt, but 2 nights ago one lone wolf was seen roaming in the middle of town.....................so hard to belive, but this lady is sure it was a wolf, and he was following her and her dog. She turned around and hit it with her umbrella, kind of funny mom thinks........




It's nice to be back on my old couch again, pillow is where I left it, and Anna is still wrapped around my paw.........................and now  I got the laady upstairs too ..............living a goood life woooooohoooo


wet kisses to all



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