Alla inlägg den 6 november 2011

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 6 november 2011 10:35

It's Nov. 6 and still no snow, which is extremely unusual this time of the year. Not that mom or I are disappointed, but it’ll look a lot lighter and cleaner if it was all covered in snow. As it is now everything is gray and filthy dirty.

This morning I ran around on the neighbors’ lawn where the leaves are raked and to moms delight it doesn’t make me all that dirty. I had a shower 2 days ago, ( I so miss my tub, showers is the pits) so she’s trying real hard to keep me somewhat clean and white. Can you see which end is the front ?




A couple of days ago we went in Gudruns car for a ride out in to the woods. I don’t hear any shooting any more, so the moose hunt is all over. Still I’m not allowed to roam around by myself, because of the wolf hysteria. Mom think’s it’s all exaggerated but feel it’s better to keep quiet instead of getting into an argument with the locals ??? Doesn’t sound like mom does it ? Maybe it’s a residue from her fever last week ?






All in all it’s pretty depressing this time of the year here, not much to do, other than sitting at home twiddling your thumbs. Mom finished crocheting a scarf, and are now embroidering a typical Swedish motive, the way it looks in June. She’s also baking and filling the freezer with cookies……………not cookies for me though ?




The Swedish cows don’t seem to mind this awful weather, they’re just munching away on their hay. They have a big boss guy that are keeping watch, and he didn’t look all that friendly, so even if I did spot some “meatballs” in there I wasn’t allowed in to taste.

Besides mom said, those do not taste the same as the one you find at the stable with Karen. ……..hmmm ? I’m not sure I believe her until I get a chance to taste for myself.

Maybe next time, if the big guy will look the other way for a second.....




People around here are getting ready for the winter, and most set up feeding stations for the birds. Like this one outside heir kitchen window. Notice the giant snow shovel ? Mom remembers them well, and are so happy we’ll be leaving in eight days. Hopefully before a big snowfall.




Anna loves her flowers in her kitchen window, and every morning she has a conversation with them ??

Mom think it’s a little kooky, I think it’s cute.




The ambulance, post office, police, work agency and a bunch of other offices are located in the same building across the street. Mom always wonders who the dickens decided on pink and red paint for this building ? There’s not much activity going on there yet, but as the snow comes and the ski slopes open people from the south will be arriving in droves. Unfortunately for business it’s too warm to start up the snow canons, so all they can do is to wait for colder weather.




Time for a short walk and than a nap...............

hugs from Mom, and wet kisses to everyone from me.




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