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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 november 2011 08:26

   Anna’s big 90 was this past Wednesday, and the phone started to ring at 8 am and never stopped through the entire day. In the afternoon lots of ladies came visiting with flowers and presents.



Her little sister ( again I don’t understand that concept of little ? She’s bigger than Anna ? ) brought 2 cakes and a great supper that I got to taste since I sat real close and flirted with her until she couldn’t resist.




I worked the crowd and since mom was busy in the kitchen there was no restrictions on how much I got to taste……………IT WAS AWESOME.




There was a steady stream of people, all day and into the evening, so it was hard work but oh so much fun, not even the macho guys could resist my begging eyes. I ate and ate until mom finally realized what was going on, and stopped the party for me, so from than on all I got was the goodies made for me.....................partypooper.....




Anna got so many flowers she didn't know where to put them all




Following day me and mom went for a roadtrip, stayed over night and than  back with Anna in the morning. 

We were so happy to see each other, and it was good to be back and relax together, she' s very tired after all the partying, so we didn't do much more than keeping each other company.


Anna's oldest son and wife invited us for dinner yesterday.................more fish !!! What's up with people in this country ?  fermented fish, raw fish, fish from the fireplace, fried fish .................I don't like it.............but mom and everybody else seem to ?


Tonight is the big party for Anna, and from what I've been hearing I'm not invited ?..................It's ok though, I can use a good nap since we'll start our travelling back to US tomorrow. 

First we'll take the train to Stockholm, and stay one night at a hotel, and Monday we'll be flying for a long loooooong time.

It's going to feel good to get back where it's warm, because even if there's no snow yet, it's still cold here, about 30 this morning.

Anna said this is the first time in her lifetime there hasn't been snow on her birthday..........90 years that is.....

Mom really appreciate that, but I have to admit I would have liked to see what it is everybody is talking about..............

Now mom says she knows a place where there is some, and if we have time today she'll show me.........................

we'll TAKE time I say.............okidoki

love ya all..............wet kisses.







12 november 2011 14:05

Vilket festande du fått vara med på! Jag såg nog att du höll koll på vilka som hade något på faten att bjuda på. Tur att matten var upptagen i köket så länge. Hoppas att ni hinner åka och känna på snön! Om vi inte hörs innan du reser så önskar jag dig en härlig tripp hem till värmen! Kramis!




12 november 2011 18:38

Vilken enastående fest!! & oj vad med massa gott du fick kan jag ana, med dom söta ögon du har Buttons, förstår jag att ingen kunde motstå dej! :))♥
Jätte synd att du inte fick känna på snö!! skulle vart nåt de ;)
Så ni åker hem i morrn! måste kännas skönt att slippa detta råa väder, tilockmed vi har trötnat! så vi skulle gärna hänga på till landet borta där...
Kram & fin resa hem på er båda!♥ /Lena med flock!




12 november 2011 18:38

Du vet väl att tittar tvåbeningarna tillräckligt länge i våra ögon är vi oemotståndliga och de ger med sig, man får väldigt mycket gottigheter då, hihi men tyvärr verkar ens matte kunna motstå det alltför ofta!
Vilket skojigt kalas och jag tror att Anna och du var stjärnorna där!
Lycklig resa tillbaka hem, Sverige lär sakna en skön kille men så är det!





12 november 2011 19:10

Hoppas du hann få se den där snön!
Ett sånt kalas - du hade nog ändå inte orkat äta nåt mer på STORA kalaset - fast på mig verkar det som om det riktigt stora var det som DU var med på!
För mig väntgar snö - för dig väntar sol och sommarvärme. En sån konstig värld vi lever i. :) Fast det är samma, menar jag.
Hoppas hemresan går/gick lika bra som "bortresan"!


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12 november 2011 20:53

What a party and all that food I bet you were happy...No'one could resist those lovely eyes of yours...Sorry you didn't see the snow but I'm sure one day you will....Have a safe journey back home :-)



12 november 2011 23:10

Party, party, PARTYYYY!!!!! Wow, that was an awful lot of food and goodies you got there, Buttons! I´m still on a diet after my bad-tummy-disorder so I don´t even get to SNIFF at any goodies, much less taste them!
Too bad about the snow!
Have a safe journey back to the sun!


    Kom ihåg mig



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