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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 31 maj 2013 07:11

Sometimes I can’t update my blog, because we are parked at a place with no power and the batteries don’t last very long.Yesterday was one of these days. We stayed at a church parking lot where Mom’s puppy-friend Jan lives. The town is called Örebro, and while here it was raining most every day, so we spent most of the time inside.



look at this big chunk of liverwurst Mom is having ?    she shared a ittybitty piece ........cheap cheap


Jan helped Mom with a lot of stuff, like running  around shopping for stuff needed to make us more comfortable on our trip. Now we have a phone, and one of those things that talks to Mom and tell her where to turn when driving. We have one like that at home too, but this one speaks real funny.


About speaking.............not only Mom and her friends speak funny, even the birds chirp different, and they have different feathers too ?


This is a real shy wood pecker hiding behind the food.............


Squirrels look different too , but this one was either a mute or too busy eating to talk, so I don’t know his language.


We stayed at the church parking lot 2 nights, and I ended up staying home a lot since every store here has a picture of a dog crossed over in red, which translates to no dogs allowed..............I can tell Mom feel real guilty about it, she bought me a very tasty bone and she promised it’ll get better.
That yellow bird I found on an evening walk...............lucky me.


 Jan helped Mom to wash Adrienne on the outside, so she looks much better now. She’s still an old lady, but just like Mom she’s in real good shape..... ( I wrote that to kiss up, maybe she’ll buy another tasty bone )


After she got cleaned up we drove a short distance to one of Moms favorite towns called Askersund. We’re parked at the harbor in Sweden’s second biggest lake Vättern. The scenery is awesome and we took a long evening walk. Unfortunately not without the stupid collar.
We had to pay $25.00 to park here, and for a few dollar more we would have had power too, but there was no such spaces available.  Doesn’t matter much though, since there’s a beautiful kitchen with power for everyone here. Nice clean showers and bathrooms, and a very nice lady in charge that sells ice-cream and some food. We highly recommend this parking, and as a matter of fact,  Mom is already talking about staying here one more night.


Another strange thing I observed here is that the sun never seem to go down ? It’s daylight in the middle of the night ? and Mom is a real early bird, so she fooled me to getup too..................not anymore though, I’m on to her and get up when I’m good and ready.
Where we are now,the sun goes up at 3 AM and down at 11.30 pm
It’s much cooler here too, we’re fine during the days and at night under the covers, but early mornings Mom fire up the heater so it becomes real nice and cozy.......another good reason to stay in bed............right ?
Mom tells me it’s real cold in the winter here, so that’s the reason so many houses save big piles of wood in their gardens,
I think this is where they get it from ?
On one early walk we passed this moose house, situated all by it self close to a lake. I went to the door and waited for a long time, but no moose came out, and he had left his boat behind !!!!!  hope he havent drowned 
That's all for now, got to go for my morning business...................lots of love and kisses to all of you coming along on my adventure.


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