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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 31 maj 2013 18:52

Just like Mom said,we stayed here one more night, and now there's a lot more homes parked. Many have dogs, but none to play with.

Before anyone else was awake, we went for a long walk, and Mom kindly unlatched the stupid collar so I got to run around sniffing anywere I desired. Millions of dandelines on the grass, which by the way is a lot softer than at home..................the grass I meant


Forgot to show you how Helge ( he's Moms friend that found Adrienne ) cuts his grass............the  machine made an awful lot of loud noice or I would have insisted on a ride, just to make my friend Buddy at home jealous. He rides in a golfcart which I like, but this looked more like a hotrod dunebuggy I thought.


Another thing I forgot to tell, was that one of Moms friends, Anders bought a motorcycle and wanted us to come along to pick it up. We did and Mom really wanted to drive, but there's no room for me, so I said noway she's going to get one of those ever again if I have a say..................and I know I do


Mom tried Anders old bike for size, but I say no no no , and that's IT PERIOD.



This is the way hay grows here !! very peculiar if you ask me


This is A pictures from a truckstop where we slept one night, Mom giggled at the logo on this truck .....


The town of Askersund is very old with many old wooden buildings and cobblestone streets.  Cafes at every corner, but of course no dogs allowed, ( What's up with that ? ) 

It's ok says Mom, we have our own cafe at home, and she bought an amazing shrimp sandwich for dinner.

Well, she said it was amazing, I got the same old same old................


can you see Adrienne the goo old dame, peeking out at the end of the long red building ?


These mirrors are mounted on a lot of old houses, and are called gossip mirrors.............you can sit by the window and see who's coming down the street...........without they seeing you.....smart


lots and lots of wild-flowers are growing everywhere, we have forget-me-nots were we are parked now, and the yellow flowers we call gullviva, ( don't know the English name) and are this providence flower.


This is wild bluberrie puppies, much smaller than the ones we are used to, but have a lot  more flavor.


Can you believe Best Western have sailboat hotels here ...............cozy, but not for Mom who get seasick


It's now 7.30 pm, and it's warm and sunny out, so we're taking an evening walk................tomorrow there's a veteran carshow going on, so we'll have to stay and watch, at least for a while.

take care all......................  Buttons




1 juni 2013 10:58

Läst & skrattat då översättningen blir lite tokig emellanåt! ha ha.. ;)

Ser att ni njuter & myser för fullt i er Adrianne!!♥

Ser framemot att ses! Kram på er♥ /Lena med flock


EvaLena Hallgren

2 juni 2013 06:54

Jo jag vet att översättningen blir lite knas, men inget jag kan fixa. Självklart bör vi ses någonstans I vårt avlånga vackra land
kram å blötpussar

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1 juni 2013 22:10

Buttons-you tell Mommy she better feed you a bit of everything she eats, or else! Buttons deserves the best.
Seriously, Eva-this blog is fantastic and your pics of everything are phenomenal. I hope you all(and Adrienne) are having fun.


EvaLena Hallgren

2 juni 2013 06:51

Thanks for kind words, we are relaxing taking every day as it comes, no plans until July 8 when John arrives. wish you were here with us. hugs, and wet kisses

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3 juni 2013 09:13

Hej Buttons
Tala om för matte att jag kan tillverka en MC-sits åt dig.

EvaLena Hallgren

4 juni 2013 07:47

Tjena, Tänker jag visst inte berätta för henne, jag vill INTE att hon ska åka hoj, det är skitfarligt............och svinkallt här I hennes valpland

    Kom ihåg mig



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