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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 4 juni 2013 08:51

We’re now at a campsite in a small town called Malmköping, Mom was supposed to update my blog last night, but we got some very special visitors Mr. Sigge mushroom dog himself, and his Mom. We received his book and a candle and sap-cream to keep the pesky mosquitos away. We will see them again later today .....so right now I’m resting to save energy for the meeting.


Sigge is a real good swimmer and totally crazy about chasing sticks


We are driving along the beautiful countryside, trying to avoid the highways, (not that there are too many in Sweden) In this area it’s mostly farmland, and many windmills, the modern kind that generates electricity for the farm.


I truly enjoy the wiev from this high seat


We arrived at Julita and I thought that I was going to be left in Adrienne for sure, but to my big surprise I was allowed to come along to the park. (The Swedes aren’t quite as dog-friendly as at home ) Couldn’t follow on the tours inside the buildings though, but that’s ok, I didn’t care, and Mom is more interested in gardens anyway.
for people that are interested in history.
The monastery is so old it’s hard to imagine, and here is their website  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julita_Abbey
we took a long walk through the pastures and I could smell there has been meatball factories walking here, but no meatballs ?
There's one I shouted, a funny looking one !! NO said Mom that's a milkfactory........................yuck who wants milk I said ..................I do said Mom, best drink ever...........hmm after a little closer look she noticed there's no milk just steak.................mmmm
Mom took thousand pictures, and here's some of them of the manor.
I met this lady that was dressed like she belonged in the mansion, but she told me she wasn’t, she just showed people around in there. Keyword is people , not that I cared, who wants to look at a bunch of old stuff anyway ? especially when you have this huge garden to roam around in
Check this rooster out !!! same colors as the ones in Key West, but this one was HUMONGOUS, his owners house wasn't so big, looked real cosy
There was so many awesome old houses made from big logs...............
insides were pretty awsome too, but not very big, beds looked very short, enough for me to curl up in, but what about Mom  ?  or even worse Dad ?
between  these beds it says “ for the lazy, it’s always weekend “, probably something dad wrote said Mom
Church steeple is cool
Sammie Sammie, is that you ?  Do you have any meatballs for me ? ...............It wasn't her  boohoooo
White lilacs with a scent that make Moms head spin, no good for allergies, but it's Swedish summer so she loves it anyway. flowers that looks like cosmos on steroids ..
Hey, how about making me some meatballs !!!!  no response................what a woodpecker
Time to leave this place Mom, I need water and a nap.................OK
It’s 10 am Tuesday morning, and it’s quite windy outside, kind of chilly too. Good thing Adrienne is keeping us warm, so we plan to stay at home reading Sigge’s book until they show up later today.
PS. We always say that “everything is big in America” but you should see the mosquitoes here ...............holy cow....
Wet kisses to all reading my blog, wish you left a note sometimes too
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