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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 5 juni 2013 08:39

Once again mom was too tired to update my blog last night, so here we are...........in a small village called Malmköping.

The campsite is very nice, but expensive, and most people here stay all summer and set up their trailers with tents, and plant a garden and so on........it felt like they looked at us with suspicion ?

Who cares anyway, we had great company, Sigge mushroom dog and his Mom, and Lady M and her Mom. Lady M's Mom had baked cinnamon buns and that's my Moms favorite...........how did she know ?


On  our way here we passed under an aerial tramway that was built in 1939 to transport limestone from the mine. At the time they found it the most economic way, but now it’s under immediate threat of demolition since it’s not profitable anymore. Hopefully they’ll keep it as a historic site, and maybe let tourist ride it to watch wildlife in a slow quiet way.  They do that at a different tramway up north close to Moms birthplace... ( I’ll get back to that later  )


We are now very close to a winding path were you can go hiking  in the wilderness for over 1000 kilometers, it’s called Sörmlandsleden, and Sigge and his Mom is responsible for parts of it.

Both me and Mom loves this, but unfortunately I had 4 ticks on me when we got back. Mom couldn’t believe it since I was wearing Frontline ??  Lady M’s Mom who’s a dog doctor explained for Mom that it DID work since they never attached to suck blood.......... yyeeessh sometimes Mom isn’t using her brain 


First thing I did when Mom took the collar off, was to run like a bat outta hell down to the beach...............where no dogs allowed sign is.   Mom got mad, but I told her I can't read, and I wanted to go swimming just like Sigge did......oh well...............


When our visitors came we walked into town and had "fika" ( a very important Swedish word ) tea and cookie at a cafe where we four legged were welcome.


wonder what it was Sigge didn't like   ...................


we strolled in town and window shopped a little, this is very small so that was done in a snap.....


Sigge got to swim in the fountain !!!!!!


Again Mom and her lilacs


Anyone read he novel "The 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared "  written by Jonas Jonasson ?   Anyway,  this is the senior home it all started at............and there's a movie planned scripted from the book.............................great publicity for the little town


we walked home on the historic railroad tracks, and Mom was quite proud of me, being able to keep up with the longer legged dogs................but boy was I pooped.


this is strange looking dude I've never seen before, he hissed at me and Mom didn't let me sniff him

wonder why __?


today we'll be on our way, don't know where yet................


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