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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 8 juni 2013 06:33

         I really need to have a serious talk with Mom so she’ll get back on schedule..........it’s hard to remember all the stuff that happens when I have to wait several days....................and NO it has nothing to do with age....
    We finally arrived at Lottas house on Thursday morning, and this time I had to wait in Adrienne ............(.last visit I chased the cat up the window where he was hanging on for dear life under the curtain, silly cat, he’s bigger than me, and I had no intention to hurt him )
This time, beside big Morry and Saba,like I already told you, there was 4 kittens..................which I really wanted to say hello to, but they hissed and ran too...............what’s up with that ? I like THEM, why don’t they like me ?
Sleeping kittens are the cutest ting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
There was some kind of food festival in Västervik, and that we really had to visit,so we walked through town and up the hill to the park .  First thing at the entrance what do I see ? meters and meters of strawberry cake !! whipped cream in this heat ? I didn’t get much, but Mom and Lotta helped themselves to a chunk each
There was all kinds of delicacies but what Mom and Lotta was most interested in was the abundance of bread and cheese. They bought several bags.
Fried herring sandwiches was their lunch.............not bad at all.
I wasn't all that happy about htis event, and tried real hard to flirt this lady into giving me a ride, since she had the same wheels as Penny's Mom Jenny at home.............
it didn't work, she wasn't going our way.......
This place was also a graveyard for old boats, Mom said it was part of the museum, ( something I know nothing about, since I’m not allowed inside one ?) Typical flower in Swedish gardens bleeding heart made Mom sigh..............ok ok  Mom, it’s just a FLOWER....
When we were done at this place, we went home to put all the cheese in the fridge, and since I showed unhappiness at the park, I got to stay home and take a nap in Adrienne. ( I was fine, just needed to poop)
Mom and Lotta went to a different park to celebrate June 6th. .............it was the usual waive the flag, sing the anthem, and listen to speeches. Best part was the little twirling girls...........
Following day,( like yesterday), Lotta went to her job, and Mom started her planned work in the garden. We really wanted to move Adrienne off the street, so she made room in a parking space that was overgrown.
Mom is getting good at this piloting stuff..............there’s very little room on each side, and we have to squeeze passed the fence. It’s ok, it’s so much better now even though the rear sticks out a tad on the sidewalk.
 I now have a perfect look out spot on the front door of Lottass house from the passanger seat
Lotta made pizza and a rhubarb pie to die for ............
we ate outside and as usual Mom had milk to the pizza, which Lotta thought was real funny.  I'm used to it so it didn't surprise me.
I had to sit in the stroller so I couldn't   1. eat cat poo 2. roll in grass covered in cat pee 3. chase kittens
why oh why , doesn't Mom understand the little things that are so much fun in life ..............
cocky littel sucker comes up to me now when I can't get to her.....
After a eating lots of delicious pizza, we just sat and relaxed all pooped out. An evening walk around the neighborhood and than we said good night real early.......
At this tiime it's Saturday morning, and I''m in for my second nap as Mom is updating my blog........we will go for my morning poop walk, and than we'll see what Lotta Ove, and the kittens are up to
Have a great day all...........









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