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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 juni 2013 10:26

We woke up to a day of rain rain rain, and it doesn't look like it'll end soon, so I have a feeling we'll be inside watching TV for me, and knitting, reading, and crossword puzzles for Mom.

Yesterday morning we went for a long bike ride, I'm pretty sure it got a lot longer than Mom intended because we were lost. No way Mom was going to admit that, but we past the same street twice, and turned around a couple of times. I wasn't about to say anything. I was fine as long as she kept pedaling. 

When we got home we painted the new bike that Lotta had bought for her. I helped by supervising


in the evening we went for a long walk together and I got to run on a huge soccer field, sure wish I had the company of some other dogs to chase though...........or at least some soccerplayers........ or a ball



We both went to the fishguy and bought Moms favorite fish............herring, and than she spent a lot of time cleaning it.  Looked pretty gross to me, but the cats loved it ...


When Ove and Lotta came home Ove fried them and made mashed potato. Lotta made cream of spinach. Supper was served outside . I did get to taste the fish after it was cooked and it was delicious.


Mom never had lingonberries with fried herring before, but that's how it's served in this province, so when in Rome, you'll do as the Roman....................it was great

Like I mention before, it's raining ...........good day for napping

see you soon ........wet kisses from Buttons

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13 juni 2013 11:05

Buttons, you forgot to mention that you also had a lovely piece of kitten poop!

EvaLena Hallgren

13 juni 2013 11:10

geeeezzz, you had to tell didn't you. Mom don't want anyone to know that as cute as I am I have some real disgusting habits....lol

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13 juni 2013 14:31

Oh Buttons, you're secret is out. You tell Mom and Lotta if they given you cake and cookies and feed you off their plate, like Aunt Stephie would, you won't eat cat food. The pics you and mom are taking are breathtaking-hope you are both enjoying your vacation!!

EvaLena Hallgren

14 juni 2013 09:55

Oh Dear Steph, I'm so glad you're speaking for me. You're the human that really do understand me, I love you and miss you so much...

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