Alla inlägg den 15 juni 2013

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 15 juni 2013 12:02

yesterday was another day of rain, rain and more rain. Mom was getting so discouraged so she started to to think bout sunny Florida again. We spent all day in Adrienne napping, except for some short bathroom brakes.

Mom was doing her embroidery and crossword puzzles.

We felt really bad for the school children that was celebrating the end of the school year with parades and singing.

We also felt bad for the mailman, who didn't have a truck to keep himself dry............but as their slogan goes...........rain sleet ..........and so on


At our walks we found millions of these funny animals, and they must like the rain since they were out walking instead of staying inside their house the carried along.Mom said we could collect them and make escargot ..............YUCK !!!
After supper it stopped raining, and we went for a long walk into town. Good thing that Lotta's house is so close.
 There was preparation for tomorrows festival, but so few people ? The entire town looked deserted .........
It's a really pretty  small town especially by the little harbor,
There was these people selling candy already, hope they get more customers tomorrow when the festivites start.
Wonder if they sell American icecream here ?
What a cool dude driving his pink Caddillac, wish Moom could ask him for a ride......
Last pictures from our walk back, it's 9.30 pm and it's like daylight outside...........a little hard to get used to I think, and still no people ???? where the heck are they ??
as Mom is helping me write this I'm taking my first nap for today, but I'm sure they'll be a lot less today, since it's sunny and beautiful outside......finally
wet kisses to you all

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