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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 18 juni 2013 06:43

Woke up this morning to a blue sky, no rainclouds in sight................awesome, looks like it could be bike-ride weather.............
The other day Lotta took us sight seeing in her car, and first we went by the campsite that’s very close to her house. It’s  very large and well equipped with lots of activities, mom immediately fell for these vehicles that can be rented ( she’ll never grow up ) but there’s no place for me to sit  ?  she better not go without me ....or else....


The Volvo amazon club had a meeting at the grounds, and here goes the “remember when”between Mom and Lotta again..........and this is a police cruiser !!!! this one got to be good ! I’m all ears..............Remember how scary it was when police called out from their speakers to turn on bicycle lights ? or when they shouted we weren’t allowed to ride two on a bicycle ?...............That’s IT ???? geeezzz..............how lame.............. tell me the juicy stuff.
Moms dad had a camper exactly like this one, when she was a puppy, we took a peek inside, and decided Adrienne is much ,much nicer and roomier.
Lotta is pointing out all the nice places on the grounds. Maybe we'll stay here when Dad shows up.
(just found out he's not coming as planned, he broke a foot .............sending get well licks )
this is rosehips flowers, very pretty, and they reminded Mom about the soup she used to get as a puppy. She says she didn't like it than, and don't want it now either, but the flower is pretty,
It was raining on and off, so the sight seeing continued by car. Lotta drove us about 10 km.on a narrow  winding country road to Västerviks archipelago and what a gorgeous drive it was . Too bad Mom is such a chicken passenger........
I think it'll take a few buckets to empty this boat
When Mom was a puppy ( a long long time ago ) the farmers put the milk in these metal containers and put them by the road on buildings like this. Than the milk truck came by and picked them up every morning. People must have been a lot stronger back than, since I remember Mom trying to pick one up and she couldn’t....
At the end of the road was a harbor for small boats, it would hae been very nice to walk around and explore if it wasn't for the raain.
What a fantastic craftsmanship, don't think they make boats like this anymore  ? I guess it's not sailing anymore though.....
The rain finally let up for a little while so we could take a short walk, but the rocks were quite slippery so we decided to stay on the grassy areas......
Lots and lots of wildflowers grows by the roads here and Mom just remembered how she missed that since you hardly ever see that in Florida.  This big round metal flower is pretty common though.
This property was envied by us all, I could easily see myself running around there, going for a swim whenever i felt like it..................without having to worry about alligators ............
When we got home Lotta made us waffles with whipped cream and cloud berries.....
I got several tastes and I can assure you .........it was delicious
That's all folks.......................loving kisses to you all



18 juni 2013 17:46

Hur fräcka de gamla husvagnarna är så är de nya lite bättre standard och bekvämare.
Min matte kommer också ihåg när mjölkbönderna satte ut mjölkkannor till mjölkbilen, hon var ofta hos sin farmors bror och hans fru som hade en liten bondgård - så det kan inte vara såååååå väldigt längesen, hihi!
Ser gottigt ut med våfflorna, hoppas du fick många!



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