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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 22 juni 2013 09:29

Today we are at a place called Hargshamn campsite, and it’s definitely NOT the place I heard Mom talking about yesterday ? Truth is that there was some miscalculation in that map thing Mom has on the dash.
If it’s the fault of the lady talking in Garmin or Moms programming I'll never know, but as it turned out we are very happy with the place we found. It’s a small place on the Baltic sea, and extremely friendly people.
Best of all, it was quite inexpensive.
OH, I almost forgot, on the way here we stopped at a place I’ve been to before when Dad came along. Well, I was left in the car than, and in Adrienne this time. ...........Lotta treated to this absolutely delicious salmon burgers..............sure hit the spot Mom said.............What did I get ?? nothing !!!..........I’m going to make sure she’ll remember to make up for it.............
     Traditionally Swedes eat potatoes, herring with sour cream and scallions on midsummer, and that’s what was served. Lotta had made a cheese tart the night before, and dessert was strawberries with whipped cream.     There’s also a tradition to drink snaps, and that’s not Moms favorite, but Lotta insisted not to brake tradition, so Mom complied as Lotta is singing the songs that goes with it.
        after supper we went for a walk, it was nice even though the sun didn’t show. So many beautiful wildflowers manage to sprout in the crevices of the cliffs
Back to Adrienne it was time for dessert, and here comes the payback from lunch ...............Lotta is serving whipped cream ...................I ate right from her hand...............yumm
finally it was time for bed, and this was Lottas first night with us. I do think she slept well. .....
In the morning she went for a swim as Mom looked on with horror, cold ...................brrrrrrrr
Midsummer is over, and we're supposed to continue our trip north, but unfortunately we're having trouble with pulling in the roof on Adrienne, so we can't continue until we get thaat fixed.
Until next time
wet kisses

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22 juni 2013 10:24

Now Buttons is laughing. It turned out that the markee was rolled up the wrong way. Problem was solved with help of good neighbours. Relelief and and bit of shame could be read in the face of Buttons Mom:=)

EvaLena Hallgren

22 juni 2013 10:56

relief most definitely, I saw lots of $$$ flying and not enough $$ for gas...................end is good all is good......thanks neighbors

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