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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 23 juni 2013 08:32

Another gorgeous day, woke up to a blue sky with small white cotton clouds. Lotta is considering another dip in the ocean. Mom says it’s way to cold and will not under any circumstances consider such an exercise.
I spent the morning reading Lottas book called “a certain justice”and I thought it was going to about why we don’t have the same rights as humans .............not so at all
After breakfast we headed North,and we’re driving through century old ironworks country. We stopped at one of the biggest called Forsmark, were we explored the grounds of many old buildings. Everything was kept so pristine it was hard to imagine it was as old as it was.
This was the barons house, Af Ugglas, and I don’t think we were supposed to park here, but Mom pretends she’s a tourist and don’t understand anything. (Actually, she was pretending we lived here, she can be so childish) ..................Well, there was nobody at home anyway
the grounds was so gorgeous we almost wished it was evening and time to sleep, we could have stayed,and allowed Neptune to watch over us, but we continued north on small roads in a slow pace.
gorgeous well preserevd millstone
we finally crossed the river that divides North from the South.It’s called Dalälven, and lucky for you guys you weren't here having  to cover your ears to protect them from bursting. There was a roar of nostalgic acknowledgement from my people. Guess it was like a homecoming for them ................ 
Lotta has become Moms personal chef and last night they had bbq chorizos almond potatoes, and a Lotta invented a sauce with mustard and a bunch of other stuff. All this and a salad hit the spot, and than a very early bedtime.........
Lotta is waiting for Mom for a morning swim so I’m outta here to watch.
wet kisses.



23 juni 2013 16:54

Ser att ni kommit till Dalarna! :))

Må så gott & mys på!♥

Kram på er♥ /Lena


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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 27 juli 13:18

Yesterday was quite an exciting day, after breaking camp packing up muddy wet stuff we headed to Mt.Washington hoping that this time we'll have a view when the sun rises. HA nope not this time either. It was a very scary drive with fog so thick you...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 25 juli 20:11

Yesterday we said goodbye to Maine and entered New Hampshire. We didn't drive very far before we set up camp in Gorham close to White Mountain which we were supposed to go up today, but this morning the sky opened up again so we decided to stay cuddl...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Fredag 23 juli 13:21

We are staying at many beautiful places the only complaint is really crappy if any, wifi  As usual, Mom is up way before the rooster and after coffee started to break down our camp only to put it up again a few hours later. (she's getting real good...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 20 juli 14:48

We both had the best night's sleep and woke up early to a very foggy and damp morning. After coffee (for Mom) we went for a walk in the quiet woods. Mom decided to stay here one more night to rest it's a very rustic place but it's quiet and dark at n...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 20 juli 01:09

We left the hotel around 11 am and continued North on route 1 following Maines coastline, many small villages start to look much the same but New Caste stuck out not only because there was a 24-hour rest stop nearby. My Mom had just stopped so both o...

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