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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 23 juni 2013 21:11

Day 3 of this adventure and we are getting closer to the destination of Mom and Lottas puppy town.
Both of them have traveled this route thousands times, and they keep saying this and that changed. New places popped up ? New roads they never seen and so on...............personally I think they’re having memory losses, but I’m a polite dog and stay in the back of Adrienne pretending I hear nothing.............. napping.
This is the first mosquito buying the farm
There’s a lot of wild flowers growing by the road, and I listen to a lot of ooohing and aahing from the front seat.
This is the beginning of a new bridge in Sundsvall, and it’s going to be huge
We stopped at the big Y which is the letter of the province we are in now. We’re “wild camping” tonight, so I sure hope the police don’t show up.................that would be so embarrassing
This is the old bridge on old E4 both my people used to travel...........and we walked a bit on the old road.
Like I mentioned before, Mom never grow up, but why the dickens does she need to drag me into her childish games 
I met some human puppies to play with and I showed them how to make a rasberry
Finally, once again Moms personal chef made an delicious supper...........
Batteries in the computer is almost gone, so the last picture is of a doghouse on the grounds, but noway, nohow am I sleeping there.
wet kisses to you all
Good night

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23 juni 2013 21:33

Looks like you are all having a great time.I like the photo of you and your mom on the slide :-)
Hugs to you all ♥



23 juni 2013 21:59

Ser att ni är på väg norrut! :)) & det stod ju Dalälven inte Dalarna ;) skickade ett FB medelande tidigare ;)

Kram & ha så kul på er nostalgi tripp♥




23 juni 2013 22:24

Vilken trevlig resa ni är på :) Hoppas solen skiner på er och att ni får lite sommarvärme här.


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