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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 8 juli 2013 15:32

Me and Mom are on our own again, we dropped Lotta off at her house and kept going a few miles to a small campground close to Kista. I got my favorite seat back, but it's quiet, and Mom lost her personal chef.

On our way south we stopped at an old royal castle from the 1700........The lawn was my favorite, I could run forever..........


Swedes sure are modern, here's a diaper changing room for Dads ?


The stables was remade into a restaurant.................wonder if they served meatballs ? these are real fancy stalls, so I'm sure the meatballs were special too..........


Mom loves flowers, maybe she misses her garden at home a little.......


This was a very typical view from the car window on our drive from the north................


We spent one night at a campground in Stockholm, and 2 of Lottas puppies came to visit........This was a very crowded campground..........so we quickly left the big city without any sightseeing.


Next stop was a few miles south of Lottas hometown, to a bed and breakfast that had entertainment and good food. Owners were Lottas friends so we parked there for one night, leaning so bad Lotta almost fell out of bed............


owner of this place is very talented and had several gorgeous pieces he carved from wood............too expensive for Mom though.


This was Moms favorite, but too big too fit on the wall in Adreinne.


Blankaholm bed&breakfast  sure is located in a nice area, quiet peaceful, and lots of gardens.................


Lotta went for a short refreshing swim, Mom dipped a toe and said NOWAY.............


We are staying here at Horn campsite for a second night, and Mom took care of our laundry and it's  now done, and I think we're heading north tomorrow, where ??  I don''t think Mom knows yet either ...............

hope it's somewhere fun

wet kisses


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8 juli 2013 16:08

The water was over 20 degrees.. I heard your Mom promising that you AND HER should take a swim yesterday! Was that only empty words???

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14 juli 2013 11:15

Yup Yup, all empty words, you tell her from me Lotta

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15 juli 2013 16:43

That´s what I thought, Buttons you schould have stayed with me!

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