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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 24 juli 2013 09:31

we ended up staying a second night in the town of Lycksele, since we got invited to a relative of Moms. They lived outside town in a beautiful house, that made both Mom and Birgitta stare in awe.

Mom never met this family before, but they were absolutely awesome people, and it was like they've been friends forever

The fourwheeler was very tempting for  Mom but I told her NO.


Dinner was amazing, fresh caught trout cooked to perfection, they ate and ate.......I got a small taste just to confirm they were right.


 The entire week in this town was dedicated to cars, and there was a lot of American (and Swedish)cars all over the place.


Some motorcycles , fourwheelers and snowmobiles too.


This was Moms favorite car......................very well kept.


In the town square was this beautiful fountain with a giant ball rolling on the water.
Can you find us on TV ? I'm in the stroller so I shouldn't get stepped on with so many people.
This little girl was quite happy with her car,
In the evening we got a private show on the parking lot where we slept. Youngster competing in the hottest burnouts.
 cutest mailboxes ......
in the morning we continued north on our trip. Mom has found out about a new older brother she never knew, and we're now driving to visit him in a small town called Gunnarn. The road was under reconstruction, a total disaster with miles after miles of rocks and gravel.........good thing our dishes is plastic or nothing would have been in one piece. 
No picture because there was nowhere to stop, and Mom was too afraid let go of the steeringwheel to reach for the camera. Adrienne was rooling around like ...........well I don't know.
just like I was told, more reindeer and they don’t know better than running in front of the car....and this time of the year they don't look very good since they're shedding their coat,
The Brother and his family were all amazing people, it immediatley felt like home said Mom.
Nieces and Nephews with their puppies were also there and it was so amazing to meet and chat. So talented people that are crafty and know their nature and animals. They hunt, fish, and gather all what nature has to offer. If Mom didn’t live in Florida she would have loved one of these handmade hats made by the nephew.................I liked them a lot and thought they smelled awesome .
this is a gorgeous handmade knife.
It wasn’t easy to leave these wonderful people but we were to continue our trip. Mom received a huge bag what is called “the gold of the forest”, it’s cloudberries. So tasty wonderful but a pain to pick because they usually grow on swampy areas, and the gnats and mosquitos are impossible there. We also received homemade bread..........yummi ................mom should be ashamed of herself, she brought nothing, she better send something when we get back..............an alligator maybe ? ..............I’m going to remind her... for sure
despite some awful roads, the scenery is amazing, and we’re making frequent stops to enjoy and take pictures.
This is the largest wood church in Sweden, located in a town called Stensele
We finally stopped for the night at the most gorgeous campsite ever. So amazingly well kept, and the views over the lake takes your breath away. A five star restaurant were the owners served fresh made food..............lots and lots of dogs to greet...............................well there is no way to describe this place, it has to be experienced. The town is Vilhelmina, and campsite is Kolgården.............visit, rent a cabin for a week, you will have no regrets....................owner was real good looking  too    
This morning I got a quick shower and we're continuing our trip North for our next adventure , mOm is a little nervous because we're warned about more bad roads..............of crap
lots of wet kisses to all of you following my trip.
I'm pretty sure I  know you're visiting me but I wish you said hello so I know for sure.
Just click on "kommentarer" and add the security code and say hi
from your pal Buttons.


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24 juli 2013 11:27

Buttons, you have to stop Mum from buying all these new sweaters:=)
Looks wonderful! Heard on the news yesterday that it´s a real good year for cloudberrys, so make her pick some!

EvaLena Hallgren

24 juli 2013 23:09

I can't stop Mom from buying anything even if I wanted to, wish she was more interested in buying treats for me instead of sweaters though.
Lots of cloudberries in the woods, but also lots of gnats and mosquitos and they're driving her insane.....so no more berries for her...........wet kisses to you

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24 juli 2013 15:30

Oh Buttons...of course, I am stalking you quietly! I LOVE reading your blogs and you and mom are going to have to share some of the pics for my walls. AND EVA, why are there no pics of the good looking man you referenced in your blog?

How are you doing over there? You look sooo happy!

EvaLena Hallgren

24 juli 2013 23:03

Dear Steph, I knew I could count on you always, I think of you often and are trying to train Mom to give me treats just like you always did. Not easy, she's a stubborn old b....h,you know what I mean. There SHOULD have been a picture of the handsome owner, you're so right, maybe I have to go back .............lots of wet kisses to you.

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Lady M

25 juli 2013 07:21

Wonderful pictures from your trip so many great places we didn't even know about.
The cloudberries made Mum green of envy.
Take care.



25 juli 2013 08:45

Hej så mycket fin natur o fina platser vi sett en trevlig resa tack för att ni tog med mej


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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 augusti 2018 17:31

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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 22 augusti 2018 09:04

I haven't updated my blog in over a week and I haven't bugged Mom about it either. The reason is that we spent a week in Moms puppy town visiting with friends and relatives. Not much happening for me but I'm very grateful to be in the country where M...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 augusti 2018 20:43

Last night we spent by this river and we both slept very well as the wind rocked us to sleep. In the morning it was sunny and it looked like it'll turn out to another gorgeous day.   there is not much traffic here and it could feel pretty lonely...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 augusti 2018 06:12

Just woke up and we're parked by a lake in the middle of nowhere, at least that's what I think but Mom says she knows exactly where we are and where we're going.................so we'll see. We've been visiting with Moms cousins in their gorgeous l...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 augusti 2018 07:01

An entire week has been gone by since my update and that's because Mom says we don't have much to tell right now. We are at Mom's puppy town and visiting so many homes eating and eating and eating and in between, we do "fika" I have most wrapped ...








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