Alla inlägg den 25 juli 2013

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 juli 2013 10:43

we are waking up on the foot of a ski slope. Nobody is here, but several campers are set up waiting for the snow. By than we are long gone for sure.
Some of the roads getting here was disastrous, but well worth it since the scenery is gorgeous.

we have the slowest connection again.....................mom's almost loosing it ........


We stopped at yet another relative to Mom (how many are they ?) that she haven’t seen in 45 + years. Lots of gabbing and catching up. After we had supper we continued a few more miles and set up camp.


These falls are called the step falls (loosely translated ) and there was a lot of tourists taking pictures there.


It was slow going since Mom needed to stop take pictures and take everything in. I napped a lot  :-)


Dogs around here are working and meant for hunting, so they mostly live outside.   They barked their heads off at me but I totally ignored them letting them know that I live in luxury inside in a warm bed.  

This is all for now, Mom doesn't want to wait one more minute for another picture to upload, so ................on the road again ..................lalalaaa

see ya soon and wet kisses to all of you as usual.

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