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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 juli 2013 17:40

Once again we're in a place with really bad internet connection. The town is called Östersund and are located by a large lake where a large monster lives. Mom has heard this story as long as she lived, but as far as we know, nobody has ever seen it. Still makes for great PR for the town. There was a festival in this town too,........................ Town was decorated with plenty of little monsters all over the place.


There was the usual festival stuff...................but we weren't really in the mood to stick around on the crowded city streets, so we took quick walk around before we continued to Moms Aunt 10 km outside town


We left town and parked Adrienne right by Aunt Ruths terrace and we are getting  lessons in a way to make mittens using a  very complicated needlework .

Mom decided she’s never going to need mittens and kind of gave up on learning ...............but Birgitta is making progress
day after we met a cousin and had "fika" by the lake................no sight of a monster
Yesterday we went for "fika" again at a nice place where they had a craft show. ........lots and lots of great stuff,  (no pictures) but lots of new ideas.
The wheat fields looks amazing..................
this is the view from where we are now.............pretty awesome we think
this is all for now, hopefully we'll find a place with better connection soon so It'll be easieer to keep in touch.
Wet kisses to all..................

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