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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 3 augusti 2013 21:22

Finally back to good connection and a city, not that I’m complaining I really liked the mountains and small villages, but my blog was suffering and I’m not to happy about that.
Truth is we have been in a civilization for a couple of days, but we were “wild camping” which meant we had no power, and twice I got Mom to write in my blog, and poofff the power was gone. She of course said a few really bad words, you know the kind that makes me run under the bed..................( no bed to run under in Adrienne) so I have to settle with the table.
It’s almost a week since I got to tell my story so this will be long.
First I want to explain how we can be camping out in the wild so often. Sweden is the only country in the world that’s called “all man right” loosely translated. That means you can put up camp everywhere in nature for 24 hours, regardless  who owns the property. Of course that doesn’t mean you park in someone's backyard, or the city park. But if you see a nice place with room for a camp it’s ok to do so.
We have been camping in Mom’s Aunts backyard for several days, and she’s been taking us around to lots of nice historic places for “fika” and to look at beautiful crafts.
One day we drove for hours up in the mountain to a small house to bake some bread in a special old fashion traditional way. Personally I didn’t get the idea, there’s plenty of bakeries around, but since I’m the easy going guy I went along, and laid on the steps watching for moose and bears. I didn’t see any, but I have a feeling they turned away when they noticed my vicious grin................
I didn't care much for the bread, but the cheese on top was good.
Both Mom and Birgitta sat around knitting and chatting for several days, Mom gave up on that complicated needle thing, with the excuse there’s no need for that kind of stuff in Florida...... Birgitta stuck with it, and got the hang of it..............she’s clever . We took daily loooong walks, much longer than I would have accepted at home, but there’s so many more new scents around here, and funny looking animals.
This is a real cool idea..................or is it ...............
Mom never grow up..........jjjeeesssh   ..............at least she didn't   buy this apron.............
When the aunt had enough of us, we countinued our trip south, and eventually we put up camp at a ski slope Mom used to ski at as a puppy. It's not far from the bear mountain. Here it smelled wonderful, and I had so much space to run but Mom kept a close watch scared to death I would go to far ................I didn’t.
Following day I was told I had to stay home and watch Adrienne, not my first choice, but I could do with a nap, and she parked in a nice shaded area.
The mother bear didn't want her cubs in the water so she pushed them out...........
bobcats came close to the fence because of feeding time................
A few tigers slept in different places, not sure why they are here were they don't belong _???
It's a very steep hill to climb in this park and from the top the view is awesome
Snowleopards was sleepy
Kodiak bears were bored I think
The polar bears aren't native to Sweden either, although we Swedes often lie about that to tourists
This is a great huge paw
like I said Mom never grows up..............
Birgitta is cooling off.............................well tryiing to
After the Bears Mom wanted to show Birgitta where the Swedish horses came from and off we went.
Every horse is carved by hand, and also hand painted. The history how this got started and became the biggest souvenir of Sweden can be read at this link in  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalecarlian_horse case you’re interested.
every single horse is carved by hand and handpainted
Moms friend Helge came by on his motorcycle to help fix a small leak on Adrienne,...............great seeing him again
The rooster is a newer addition.................this is a true tourist place and extremely expensive.
Since Mom used to live here she knows the roads well, and wanted to drive to the lake and camp. It’s a very small narrow road,to get there, and we met lots and lots of bicycles racing ? nobody told us, no signs, until we got real close and there was a huge crowd of people. We were stuck and had to wait until the race was over. Once again Mom said a bad word, and a few more when she found out they were charging to stay because the of the race. .................(.not sure that was legal...........)
Anyway we kept going and stayed by a river, again not enough power, and Mom noticed her lens to the fancy camera broken. ..................this time I sure wish I had a bed to crawl under............but not under this one with a bad wolf knitting.
There's been a lot of American cars on the roadsall over, Swedes are very big fans of them, and have meetings in a new city almost evry week.
some good looking old Swedish ones too
Finally we ended up in a bigger city camping at a campground, I’m brushed, Mom got a new lens, ( don't tell Dad)  and things are very good.
It's getting late and this became long, but I do have a little more to tell, so hopefulyy I can get Mom to help me again in the morning............
Good night from me ...............and wet kisses to all.

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3 augusti 2013 22:26

Har tur som får vara med om allt det här sett o upplevt tack Eva-Lena

EvaLena Hallgren

4 augusti 2013 07:06

jamen ja tyck ju de ä så roli du ä me.........

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3 augusti 2013 22:38

Nice to hear from you again, what a lovely time you seem to be having.You are one lucky little dog Buttons being on all these adventures.I like all the beautiful photos your Mom is taking and she treated herself to a new lens.....Guess she needed one...Hugs to both of you :-)

EvaLena Hallgren

4 augusti 2013 07:10

and the new lens I s way way superior to the old one, much better detailed sharpness, heavier and better made...says mom .......guess who had to pose for the test pictures ? Mom is so happy to see you're with us on our trip.........lots of wet kisses from me.....

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Vanja Säll

4 augusti 2013 01:20

Så härligt se att ni upplever en massa roliga saker på sevärda platser. Kramar till er alla. <3

EvaLena Hallgren

4 augusti 2013 07:11

Kramar tillbaka från oss alla, vi ses på matfesten hoppas jag......

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4 augusti 2013 12:13

fasen vad kul ni har, jag blir nästan avis..;=) Buttons, du har erfarenhter nu som ingen annan hund i Florida. Dom kommer inte att förstå dig längre...Kram

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