Alla inlägg den 13 augusti 2013

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 augusti 2013 08:37

On our way up North to Mom’s puppy town we stopped in a town called Umeå because there was the yearly giant exhibit of stuff to sell. There was everything from cars to yarn. Lucky me got to ride n the stroller, and that was a real good thing because I would have been stepped on many times in this crowd. I did get a lot of attention from people that never seen a dog in a stroller. A police lady was so impressed she even tried pushing me a little, others thought it was silly to have a dog in a stroller, but Mom told me they were just jealous since they don’t have them in Sweden


We were looking at some real fancy RVs but none of them had a better layout than Adrienne, and the prices was way way up there, so no shopping here
The hall with the crafts and clothes was of biggest interest to Mom .............no big surprise huh ? there was booths with gorgeous yarn, and some very nice jewelry. As usual there was no pictures allowed in this place, but Mom tried to memorize as much as possible for future creations for herself.
She did buy a gorgeous dress that she couldn’t resist................what do you think ?
in one booth they were selling makeup .................and this guy modeled some of it. We weren't very impressed, and he still had a big wad of snuff under his lip ..................Mom hates that stuff, and unfortunately it's very common here in Sweden. Both woman and men uses it, and some spits out the stinky stuff in the street. That’s another reason Mom prefers having me in the stroller when in cities.
We are now at cousin Birgitta’s house parked in her yard. She lives on a gorgeous piece of land by a lake 20 km. from the city. Every morning we hear thee rooster from the farm next door, and cows and sheep also makes themselves heard.  She has all of her 4 puppies living with their puppies in houses nearby, I’ll tell you more about all that tomorrow..............now I’m ready for my morning toilet.............don’t need a lead here, I can run and run on big fields .................
wet kisses to all ..................
OH, I almost forgot, the other day there was a perfect smiley face in the clouds. Mom stopped Adrienne in the middle of the road to get the camera and take a picture, but it changed so fast .................still can see it a little though
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