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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 15 augusti 2013 21:59

It’s Thursday and we’re still at cousins  house, wonder how long we can stay without getting into trouble ?
The view is so gorgeous from the house, and it seems like it changes every day
Last night it was so foggy you couldn’t see the lake, it was almost spooky, but still very pretty.........It’s already fall and it’s getting very dark at night..................summer sure is short up here......time to drive south I think....
it’s getting pretty chilly at nights, but days are still beautiful and warm .................The other day we went out to pick mushrooms in the forest. Birgitta’s youngest puppy and friend drove us, and they had already located where they grew, so it was no challenge to get them at all.
we picked enough chanterelles for a soup and delicious sandwiches
there's a lot of these anthills in the forest, and they are quite interesting to stop and study. The little ants are working so fast and carrying 10 times their weight into the hill..........
we also found time to visit Aunt Ingegerd who lives in a place where old people lives. She loved the "fika" we brought, and the long walk we made..........
these are fall flowers that have grown humungous in Birgittas garden.
life is still great, and napping in Adrienne wonderful. ...................as a matter of fact it's time for bed now, so I'll continue my story tomorrow.........
wet kisses to all as usual.


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