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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 16 augusti 2013 08:49

Yes I managed to get Mom to update my blog even though not too much has been happening around here, but I do have a few pictures I like to share.
Life here is pretty uneventful at the time, The ladies are knitting and chatting, while I’m napping and begging.
I got quite a few people around her wrapped around my paw, and the latest is a little boy. It’s true I don’t really care for kids, but this one is real sweet and he doesn’t scream with that high pitched voice. He loves to play soccer with me, and I wish he had control of the fridge, but the grown ups keep telling him it’s no good for me .................and bla bla bla
He's one of Birgitttas puppies puppy and his name is Oskar, he's 9 years old just like me.................
Couple of days ago the ladies went out to celebrate pretty Vanjas birthday, and again I stayed at home, but this time I hade company napping on the couch, and that's better than boring shopping
I do not understand why they drove to a nearby city up North ? city is called Piteå and was the first city to make a no car shopping street. (nowadays most cities have that) Maybe Mom wanted to see how things have changed since her puppy times ? or maybe they didn’t want to look at this ugly fountain in this town ?
This town is called the Riviera of the North, and the beach is really crowded in the summer. It’s the Baltic sea and cold as hell according to Mom, but to her ALL outdoor swimming is cold. It’s also very shallow here so you have to walk forever to get water over your knees...........
On the way home they wanted “fika” and stopped at a promising place that looked pretty, but they only had food so after a few pictures of the light house the search went on
Next stop became the Fish Camp, a very rustic place in the woods where it’s very easy to catch fish because there’s plenty of Artic Char , sea trout and salmon. For the fish you catch you pay by the kilo, so it can get quite expensive.
a link for you who's interested in reading more about this place
 These two siblings got to catch one fish each........................parents ready with their wallets
The place is quite rustic, and it’s now off season, so there was no “fika” here either.....................but they each had an ice cream which the seagulls took an interest in
is it possible to build anything more rustic than this ?
Next weekend would be the last day for keeping anything open here, so they are celebrating it with a pig roast.................(who celebrate end of summer ? ) than it’ll open again for ice fishing in the winter
Do you think it's it's possible to get CNN on this antenna ?
a little owl had her own house
There was a lot of old interesting farming tools laying around, and Mom is challenging city Dad to tell what this equipment is used for ...............hehehehe
This tractor was hooked up to make tiles for building roofs, but maybe now used as plates for the pig roast
all in all it was a great day, ladies shopping, me napping, great company, great weather, (just a few short showers) ...............let’s do it again .
Today I heard it’s Aunt visiting on the schedule..................a new one we never met before, hope her fridge is well stuffed.
wet kisses to ALL

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