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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 23 augusti 2013 06:43

Mom and I spent one night in a very small village called Fällfors, she used to spend a lot of time there as a little puppy. Like everything else things have changed, so there wasn’t much more than the river, church and entrance she recognized. That didn’t matter much, place is still beautiful. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs ( what stupid expression is that ? I didn’t see any ??) all evening and night.
Mom was prepared to stay until the sun came out again, and it did late morning, so it was time for a walk along the river.
This river has a lot of salmon, and are one of the few rivers that has not
been harnessed for hydropower production, because the Swedish
Environmental Code prohibits construction of power plants here. However, there is a natural
partial migration hindrance (water fall) here,so two fish-ladders, one along each bank, have
been built to aid fish migration upstream,and at one place you can sit and watch the Salmon struggle uphill to spawn. We were watching a little while, but it’s a little too late in the summer for spawning.
there is a drop of 165 meters between the sea and Fällforsen
that is located 38 km from the river mouth.
The river landscape is affected by the past timber cutting and dredging. The river was used for log
driving until the end of the 1960s. Almost 60% of the stream length has been used for timber
floating. Most of the affected areas have been restored, by replacement of stones and boulders, in
order to improve reproduction success of fish species utilizing these habitats
Salmon production is highest in the forested areas. The spring flood, occurring during the first half of May,
is intense and influences the bank vegetation. Instead of shrubs and trees, the banks grow herbs
and grasses....................mom and I really liked this space where we parked all alone listening to the rushing waterfall...............( and unfotunatly rain on the roof)
These kind of “barns” timbered and with eight corners,usually built in early 1900 or earlier,was a common sight in this province.They have become very popular and are often bought, moved, and restored.
Swedes, (as their neighbor Finns ) love their saunas, here’s one built as a barrel on a trailer so it can easily be moved to a new location..............rent a sauna for the weekend !!  Probably not a good business in Florida..................
We left this gorgeous place and went to another gorgeous place where one of my favorite people lives.
But that’s a story for tomorrow...............sun is on it’s way up, time for morning toilet brake.
wet kisses to all

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