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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 augusti 2013 20:42

As always Mom is slow when asked to write my blog, she had promised to write yesterday, but ...............oh well .........I’m stuck with her and it could have been worse..........
Before I continue my story I want to show you a picture of the dirt roads we’re driving on sometimes. Mom hates them, and I‘m not very found of them either. It get very noisy inside Adrienne, and I can tell Mom get nervous when she meets a car and have to move out very close to the ditch ............. finally we made a pact , no more dirt roads this summer..
This is the gorgeous place we’re staying at now, it’s first class and plenty of room for me to run around.
Service is great, I get to ride a wheel barrel with a guy I really like, although in this one there’s no meatballs, like there's at the barn
Vanja has this sporty little car that goes real fast, but there’s no backseat, and no place for my stroller, so we only went out in it once.
It’s a neat car and the engine sound is real cool, but it’s not very roomy, and my old Mom has difficulties getting in and out of it................
As the Swedish tradition dictates, there’s a lot of “fika” places around, and one day we went to a place Mom went to with her parents. This place was famous for their peacocks, and as mom remembered they weren’t very nice. Mom said she was about the same height as them, and that they scared the hewey jeweys out of her. This time they were locked up and didn’t look very scary at all.I sized up the bird,and  told mom to let me in the cage and I’ll settle the score for her..................but she explained that this one can’t possible be the  same one that chased her as a puppy. ..................hmmm bird looked pretty old and scrappy to me...............which means Mom is....!!!!  ....oops better quit this train of thought IMMEDIATELY ...
Last night they had the nerve to go out for pizza and leave me home alone to watch Adrienne.....................guess somebody got to do it, wish it wasn’t my job all the time. Truth is I napped a little on my watch too............
 The other day when we went into town I met this girl living in a flower shop, pretty cute, wish I could have stayed longer.
Found this strange looking bike, looks kind of backwards and I was thinking how hard it must be to turn ? I really don’t understand the point of two wheels in front ? Guess they have some strange thinking engineers in this country too 
talk about bikes, everybody rides a bike in this country, and I mean EVERYBODY , the main street even has a counter that counts every bike passing. The picture doesn’t tell, but there was thousands every day, the amount for the year was so many numbers so.................. The picture of Che Guevara is put there by some ill informed kid ............so disregard
Today a made a new friend, he was so sweet and I gave him a real good bath, but I have a feeling his mom will make him take another bath when he get home......people are strange ...........
He let me borrow his sunglasses...........
finally here's Moms flowers os the week
ooops, almost forgot to tell you about the great looking rainbow we saw 2 days ago...........Mom say they are illegal in Russia !!!!!!!!!!   but I’m not sure she knows what she’s talking about because how can they forbid something that just happens and no one can control ???
ok, I'm now ready for bed..............tomorrow I'm going to tell you about our visit to church......................yepp that's right .................we visited the church...................and the roof didn't fall on Mom......................
wet kisses to all, miss you Buttons



26 augusti 2013 18:06

Vi håller med dig fullständigt angående regnbågen, tramsigt att förbjuda såna!
Du gör rätt i att ta en liten sovstund när du blir satt att passa husbilen, man orkar ju inte hur mycket som helst, hihi!



EvaLena Hallgren

27 augusti 2013 16:40

små tupplurar är aldrig fel



26 augusti 2013 21:34

Tänk så mycket du får vara med om när ni åker runt i Sverige! En sån där trehjulig cykel vore väl perfekt för dig och matten! Ingen risk att hon välter då! Fast det går ju lika bra med en skottkärra förstås... Kramis!


EvaLena Hallgren

27 augusti 2013 16:39

Äpplena hade visst fått fläcktyfus och blev till mat åt älgen i skogen

Ingen bild

Vanja Säll

28 augusti 2013 23:43

Så roligt att ha er hos oss, och åka iväg på olika utflykter tillsammans.

Kjelle Bus

Kjelle Bus

29 augusti 2013 20:27

Jisses så mycket du får se nu när du är i Sverige !
En sån där 3 hjulig cykel är väldans braig säger min matte , speciellt om man börjar bli gammal och inte klarar av att hålla balansen på en vanlig :)


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I haven't updated my blog in over a week and I haven't bugged Mom about it either. The reason is that we spent a week in Moms puppy town visiting with friends and relatives. Not much happening for me but I'm very grateful to be in the country where M...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 augusti 2018 20:43

Last night we spent by this river and we both slept very well as the wind rocked us to sleep. In the morning it was sunny and it looked like it'll turn out to another gorgeous day.   there is not much traffic here and it could feel pretty lonely...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 augusti 2018 06:12

Just woke up and we're parked by a lake in the middle of nowhere, at least that's what I think but Mom says she knows exactly where we are and where we're going.................so we'll see. We've been visiting with Moms cousins in their gorgeous l...

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An entire week has been gone by since my update and that's because Mom says we don't have much to tell right now. We are at Mom's puppy town and visiting so many homes eating and eating and eating and in between, we do "fika" I have most wrapped ...

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