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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 september 2013 11:14

There’s with a little bit of sadness we now left Moms puppy town and headed south. No more narrow dirt roads and forests that lasts forever, no more reindeers .........roads are now mostly wide with two lanes and factories are spewing pollution in the air.............it doesn’t even come close to the air in big US cities though.


Finally Mom got the chance to take a picture of the giant cheese slicer that stands there to represent a really great tasting cheese from her province. (Sometimes IKEA in Orlando sells it ) It’s a hard cows milk cheese, strong in flavor, it’s taste is described as somewhat like parmesan cheese, salty but more bitter. The Swedes consider it the king of cheeses and demand for it has often outstripped the limited supply. For this reason, it’s roughly twice as expensive as other types of aged cheese.Västerbotten cheese must be aged for at least 12 month, but 14 month is more common. The cheese was invented in a small village in the 1870s, and supposedly it happened as a dairy maid was left alone to stir the curd of a traditional cheese, but was interrupted by her lover, and this resulted in altering the periods of heating and stirring of the curdling milk.........maybe a fable, but still a cute story and great tasting cheese with a very secret recipe is the result.


This is one mean looking kitty cat.............even meaner that my hissing kitty I used to have at home

RIP Dipstick.....


Mom thought her favorite statue had disappeared, but it had moved to a much better location in the middle of a round about close to a school..............busy ant .........busy pupils..........very appropriate for sure


Driving along listening to the radio we hear an announcement about some gay activists had painted the steps to the church in rainbow colors, and that’s the town we planned to visit..........hahaha, good thing we aren’t in Russia. Someone on the radio thought it could stay that way because it brightened up the steps, and Mom tend to agree............


It certainly was the most photographed steps in this town called Härnösand..........seemed like EVERYBODY stopped and took pictures.......
The stone cold bishop was watching it all, and he didn’t look very amused.....
Since Mom had some errands in this town we stayed the night parked close to a McDonalds ( they have free WiFi ), Mom wanted to watch Swedish Hollywood wives ..........It’s embarrassing television at it’s best, and Mom can’t resist watching it.........what about me ? what am I supposed to do meanwhile ?
The view from our window was very nice, and I can’t stop wondering what kind of bait they put on that fishing float out there ....................Dogs, Mom said....... WHAAT !!!    .......but that was only because I disturbed her TVshow
after that stupid show, we went for a walk around town, and there was so many old beautiful buildings still standing. Made Mom angry at the architect in her puppy town who tore down all the old buildings and put up new modern unattractive cubes in it’s place.
This is the town hall
this used to be the mayors home, now a museum and offices
a bank 
Tourist office , chamber of commerce I guess
still some gorgeous flowers left, despite the cooler weather and upcoming winter .
Beautiful fall colors.......
the youth in this town must have had a great evening, not only did they paint the church steps, they also gave a beer to this stone man. In his other hand he’s holding a banana peel. Not sure if there’s supposed to be a message or if there’s some symbolism we’re missing ?
You never know what will sneak up on you ............this guy was fishing  with a spear Mom said, and his name is Neptune. Why is he doing it naked I wanted to know ? Mom had no answer, but I’m thinking it’s so he shouldn’t scare the fish ..........
This is a statue that leaves a lot to the imagination says Mom ................oh ok ?? I’m not sure I see what she sees......all I see is two twisted up clumps on top of each other ..............OH I see............  
We walked forever and ever, and I picked up tons of leaves and other debris, which made my coat very heavy and consequently harder to keep up with Mom. I laid down in the street and was hoping to get carried, but not a chance in hell, not when you’re that filthy dirty she said.......after a short brake and some cleaning up we continued on.
Hey Sigge, (He’s a famous Swedish dog that locates mushrooms) look what I found !!!...................can you eat these ? probably not Mom said, not ready to take a chance anyway
This is one strange looking mushroom growing on a tree
At the moment we are at a town called Hudiksvall, and we have been waiting for the sun to show, but not today........................might as well keep on driving further south, hopefully we’ll find a sunny spot soon.
Mom liked this picture, so I'm just throwing it in here..................it's from on the road someplace
all is well here, miss you ...............................sending wet kisses to all
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12 september 2013 15:50

Coming south! !Your welcome!



12 september 2013 21:46

Åh, så mycket spännande saker du får se! Både såna av sten och konstiga grejer som växer på träd. :)
Spännande trappa, undrar också om den får bli kvar så där?
Min matte tycker, precis som din, att det är synd när dom river gamla vackra byggnader och smäller upp nåt fyrkantigt av glas och betong i stället.
Oj, så mycket som förstörts i Stockholm t.ex Nästan hela centrala stan!
De byggnader du visar här är riktigt, riktigt vackra allihop. Var och en på sitt sätt.




12 september 2013 23:22

Ja, det är lika bra att åka söderut nu! Om ett par dagar är sommaren ett minne blott! Trevligt att ni stannar på så många ställen och tar bilder så vi får se hur det ser ut... Kramis!




13 september 2013 18:22

Oj så skitig du var på den bilden, tänk att så skitiga måste kjolarna ha blivit på kvinnor förr när de var ända ner till marken.
Matte håller med din matte att det är synd när de river de gamla vackra husen för nya trista utan det minsta charm i dom. I vår stad har de rivit så många efter att de låtit dom förfalla först, renovera och låt de vara kvar!!!!





13 september 2013 19:27

Er fina resa fortsätter :) Trappan där hoppas vi får vara kvar, det lyser verkligen upp. Kul att ni fick se det i verkligheten.
Glada är vi över att luften ändå är "ren" även om vi har alla dessa fabriker.


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Yesterday we said goodbye to Maine and entered New Hampshire. We didn't drive very far before we set up camp in Gorham close to White Mountain which we were supposed to go up today, but this morning the sky opened up again so we decided to stay cuddl...

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We are staying at many beautiful places the only complaint is really crappy if any, wifi  As usual, Mom is up way before the rooster and after coffee started to break down our camp only to put it up again a few hours later. (she's getting real good...

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