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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 14 september 2013 18:08

Every morning we wake up to a thick fog, quite exciting looking. I stayed in bed napping as Mom went out to shoot some pictures. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get out of bed until 11 am, and only because that’s when Mom decided it was time to move on.


at 11 the fog was gone and the view changed to this


Please please Mom, just a short swim, it can’t hurt ..............it’s waaaay to cold and you’ll get filthy dirty and I have no way of drying you now............excuses excuses I say.


We were going to a castle called Skokloster, and it’s located on a peninsula in the lake of Mälaren, not very far from the airport where we'll be flying back to Florida . Carl Gustaf Wrangel was born in 1613 and he became commander of the Swedish army, and it was he who comissioned the construction of the castle By 1668 the biggest privatley built castle ever in Sweden was roofeed over. It was furnishd with the very best of everything. The general died in 1676, and part of the castle never finished. In the large banqueting hall, the scaffolding and tools remain, as the builders left thinking they would never get paid.


This is a painting showing how the castle looked back in the days. Most prominent visitors came by boat from Stockholm and their dogs have no lead.....


Why on earth does anyone need so many rooms to live ? personally I would have preferred one of the houses across the water..........not too shabby ......
a rather colorful coat of arms with gold inlays adorned the top of the castle
the castle is now state owned and everyone is welcomed to use the grounds for games on the huge lawns, picnicking or just strolling around, but of course there's sign "dogs must be kept on leads "..........what's up with that ?
Again I get to meet some of these funny looking dogs.................well, maybe not so funny looking but funny sounding..........Mom didn’t let me get close since it said the fence was electrified ............it didn’t look like that kind of fence, but Mom wasn’t about to feel if it was true either....she’s terrified of those kind of fences. Experiences from puppy hood I asked ? ....Mhum she said.......
these lime trees avenues were planted in 1684,and today many trees are in poor state. They have rot damage in both trunks and crowns. The trees were regularly pruned in the 18th century, but this ceased in the 19th century. The crowns were than allowed to grow freely, and the burden on the rot-damaged trees was too great.Trying to save the trees they are now pruned back heavily ...........would be a big shame to loose them
Lots and lots of apple trees on thee grounds, and upcoming weekend there’s supposed to be some kind of celebration in the apple orchards. We are not staying for that, but Mom tasted several and they were good.
This church is located right next to the castle, and is Sweden's second oldest brick church and was built in the 13th century for the Cistercian nuns.
Time to move on to new adventures, the only thing I know for sure is that we’re heading south ............right Mom ?
tomorrow is a new day, hope to see you than................
wet kisses to all

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