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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 16 september 2013 15:01

We’re still heading south and Mom had planned to visit a large RV and camping store, but when we got there it was closed. On the gate was a note that it was closed because of a giant convention in a different town called Jönköping. That’s a town located at the most southern tip of lake Vänern................Mom said the road to get there is real pretty, so off we went.

We passed the town where these planes are made.............


long wide roads that go on forever and ever ............boooring...............Adrienne have been behaving like a real lady all along.


As usual Mom forgets to calculate how far it is, so we were driving for a very long time, and it was getting dark..........( how much pretty roads do you see in the dark ?)  We stopped in the town right before where we were going, and lo and behold, I recognize it, I have been here before............I have a real cute girl friend working in a shoe store here. We drove to the harbor and the parking lot there was jammed packed with RVs. We found a spot and went to sleep.


We got up early for a change, we walked around the harbour and watched the sun rise. From here you can take a ferry out to a very small island, a popular summer location.


 Mom found out that the convention was so crowded you could hardly move around, so we changed our mind and went to the campsite for the night. Good thing, let,s go to the shoe store .....jaaaayyy

The store wasn’t where I remember it ? Mom asked around and found out my friend went over the rainbow bridge, and so did her Mom ......RIP...............I sat down on a bench thinking of her.  
This entire town makes a living on making candy canes, but what I don’t understand is, why are they called polka pigs ??? ...........Mom didn’t know either, so we’ll Google when we get home.
It’s very similar to our candy canes but a tad stickier. They were invented in this town by a lady named Amalia Eriksson (1824-1923).Her entire family died of an cholera epidemic. She later married, and her husband dies one week before her only daughter is born,so she needed to support herself and her baby. She went to the town council’s to get permisson to open a shop, and make pastries and peppermint rocks. She kept her recipe secret and it was only revealed upon her death. They're still made the same old traditional way......but now they come in any color combination and flavor you can think of........every store in this town sells them
Mom didn't buy any ...........
this town is very small and quaint, it has cobblestone streets and the town square is difficult to walk and park on. Every summer there’s an invasion of tourists here.


What on earth is this ?? He must have escaped from Norway ? That’s where these trolls belong, I know, I was there 5 years ago..........oh well, guess they too are allowed to travel.

It was a pretty steep hill walking into town, peace of cake for me ...........for Mom.......Oh well...


Apparently I’m in need for a good bath, since the trees where I went to the bathroom have been discharging some real sticky stuff, that made my hair feel like glue. People frown upon dogs in their showers, but Mom found a family bathroom with a baby tub, and we are going to lock ourselves in as soon as everyone else are in bed..........shhhh  that’s our secret.....

This is me following day after my very refreshing bath............


This is what Google say about "polka gris"

The name polkagris refers to a lively European swirling dance polka, which was still a novelty when the polkagris was invented.

The dance originated in the middle of the 19th century and is still a common genre in Swedish folk dance and folk music.

"Polka" in the candy's name may refer to the way traditional polkagris is made, twisting red and white sugar dough ribbons.

"Gris" means "pig", and was at that time used as an expression for candy.

Good thing to know, I guess.

We are now at Swedens second largest island in the Baltic sea, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

until than, lots of wet kisses to you all.

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