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We just woke up, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be a sunny day, sky is gray, but mood is sunny so it doesn’t really matter. We are on the mainland, a little further north than planned, but you know Mom always changes her mind. This time she got irritated at the campsite rules and a snotty check in girl. They had the audacity to  charge an extra 50 kr. for me ?? and extra for electricity no wifi, only here in the lobby..........so can I bring my PC here and sit than ? answer No!.......that did it so we kept driving. It’s not that I’m not worth an extra 50, it’s the principal, NO campsite charges extra for dogs, (hotels yes) but in this case I live in my own space, there’s no cleanup after me. I have a feeling the girl just had a bad day............
Anyway, here’s the story about Öland island, it's the second largest island,and is about 10 miles wide and 85 miles long, it has 25 000 inhabitants, but in the summer the tourists invades by the thousands.Last count on the 4mile bridge was ca.500 000 during the summer month.
The most famous building on the island is Borgholm castle.It was first built in the second half of the 12th century, and rebuilt many times in later centuries. For a hundred years, the palace was left to fall into decay. In 1806, the castle was turned into a ruin by a fire that started in the roof of the north wing.
The castle was closed for visitors, so we couldn't go inside...........well that's what you get for not being here with the tourists. ...............this is a picture from above, stolen on the web, and a picture on how it looked before the fire.
Queen Victoria of Sweden 1862-1930...........she doesn't look like a very happy lady ....maybe she's pissed about the fire ?
Archaeological evidence indicates the island of Öland was settled about 8000 BC, with excavations showing the presence of hunter-gatherers. In the early Stone Age, settlers from the mainland migrated across the ice that connected the island.
Burial grounds from the Iron Age through the Viking Age are clearly visible at Gettlinge
Locals told me that this man, (in his early 90ies) are spending every summer and fall measuring and calculating trying to reveal more secrets that he claims the experts didn’t find. They consider him a tad loony, but who knows........ Mom made sure not to start a conversation with him............we still would have been there.
Every stone was put on top of a few smaller ............what that means ???
At one point, there were as many as 2000 mills on the island. Today around 350 remain and are lovingly cared for by their owners and local history societies.
    The majority of the windmills were built in the 19th century, but flour was probably ground using wind power as early as the Middle Ages. The mills were located outside the villages, often each farm had its own mill. There were "Dutch" mills, where only the top part was turned by the wind, and the more common "stubbkvarnen", where the entire rotating mill rested on top of an oak tree stump.
The island has nice sandy beaches that’s usually packed with tourists, but at this time we were on our own, and that was fine with us...
we’re drove across the island and turned south on the ocean side. Lots of farmland, and it’s completely flat, no hills for Adrienne to conquer, such a different landscape compare to Moms Puppy hood.
Modern time windmills are built at many places, not even close as interesting or beautiful as the old ones..............and ofcourse not used for the same purpose either.
here's a field of onions, ready to be picked up and sold on the market.
I'm not allowed out every time Mom stops to take pictures, but I'm keeeping a close watch.
this collection pole, was located outside a church, and said “give to the poor after your abilities”..........good idea.
By the road we saw several runes, but since Mom can’t read Viking language, there was signs that translated. One says "Olof and old Sax erected this rock after Unn his father,Unn was rich,and owned half this village."
Another is " Näv and Ingvald erected this rock for Rodman their father".............ahh ....now I know where Dennis is coming from ..........
This was the cutest little meatball factory I,ve ever seen, but he was shy and hid behind his hair
we finally reach the most southern part of the island, and this is thee birdwatchers paradise.
It’s also home of  “ Långe Jan”
The lighthouse was built in 1785, probably by Russian PoWs. The tower was built by stone from an old chapel. Originally the light was an open fire, and the tower was unpainted. It was painted white in 1845, and the same year the tower's lantern was installed, to store a colza oil lamp. A couple of years later a black band was added to the tower.
the road to get there was crowded with bulls and walking yarn balls............. they didn’t want to move and I really wanted to go out and play.............too dangerous Mom said.
How do you like my version of Moving moving mooooowing..........?

this is what's called a Mexican stand off I think .........
this is a Panda bull...............
we weren’t allowed to stay there for the night, (too crowded with bulls I think) so we continued to the small boat harbor and found a beautiful space. Mom did her laundry and took a long hot shower
nice rocks shaped by the ocean waves, too bad we couldn’t bring some home for the garden............it’ll be to heavy in the suitcase.
we went for a long walk in the morning, and made a note of coming back here. We also had very nice neighbors, which of course added to the pleasant stay
leaving this lovely place heading North again, we encountered this wall ????
This famous two meter high wall stretches right across the island from west to east. It was built on the orders of Duke Karl Gustav, later King Karl X Gustav in 1653. The intention was to keep the deer in the royal hunting grounds from escaping them, although many speculate it served the double purpose of keeping the peasantry away from his sport. It was built with local materials and local labor in lieu of taxes. It is still in good condition
back on the mainland we’re driving close to the coast, and came to a small town called Påskallavik, and all of a sudden Mom shouted “OMG, this stuff is still here!!” and we had to turn Adrienne around for a closer look. Somewhere there’s a picture of Mom as a puppy sitting on the foot of that blue boy.
An artist named Arvid Källström, 1893-1967, lived in this house for 30 years and he made these sculptures for his garden, and many more that you can see all over Sweden.
this is called the French lady
Not sure what to think about this lady in front of his house.......................our neighbors would have hart burn for months I think
Time to move on, we will soon be back to the town where we started our trip, but first we'll have to visit Lotta and the cats................miss you all ...........wet kisses. 

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