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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 26 september 2013 09:37

An entire week has gone by without me getting the opportunity to speak up..............What’s up with that Mom ?  She has nothing to say about it other than she’s getting a little nervous about the upcoming long flight home. I’m not the least worried so why should she ? Guess that’s because I don’t have any preparation to take care of. “You’re just coming along for the ride” Mom says............oh well, what can I do to help ?
We have spent several days at our friend Lotta’s house, and that was a real sweet reconnection.  Her cats on the other hand........despite my charm, trying to put it on extra thick............again to no avail. Maybe next time, since this time no cat climbed the curtains in panic, or totally disappeared from the house. As a matter of fact, we even stayed in the same room for short periods..........so there’s hope..................I have figured out they can’t be too smart being afraid of me since first of all, it’s 2 of them, secondly they are bigger and quicker than me, and third, they have sharp claws that could really hurt me if they wanted to. In other words, I wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight................it’s a good thing they don’t know, and I think they are very cute and would like to be their friend some day.
The weekend we spent driving around to small villages and farmhouses, to see what they produced and wanted to sell...........
I saw this car that Dad wants, but the owner didn’t want to sell, and even if he would, I doubt it would be less than the $1000 that Dad was willing to pay.
At this farm they had lots of those funny looking dogs with curly hair. They aren’t dogs, Mom says, they are sheep. Poor sheep was just sitting there on his butt, and once in a while a little pitiful sound came out. She sounded real frightened I thought and I wanted to go comfort her.
This man that was about to cut her wool coat to make yarn, said sheep play dead when they realize they can’t escape. They save their energy for when they do get a chance to run..........and who said sheep was stupid ?
Why oh why make her completly naked, poor baby I thought
Here's Mom trying out the first step in making wool the old fashion way. Meanwhile I'm watching this mans hands real close so he doesn't shave me too......
As usual I get a lot of attention from the short two legged kind
On one farm they had a lot of these guys, and we bought eggs from them ...............according to Mom the place where they live don't smell good ............I don't understand that at all
This man does wood carvings ...........
Talk about wood carvings, this carving of a wedding, made by a very famous artist in Sweden, stands in a roundabout  that we passed. How Mom managed to drive around and take pictures at the same time??? scary scary I say....
See this cute little kitten ? I bet she would have been easy to make friends with ...........
This is the first sign that is high time to return to Florida..................what is THAT machine doing ???????  He’s putting down the poles to mark where the road is, so the snow plow driver knows where to go when he’s clearing the roads ?? WHAT ???? they are at least 2 meter long, snow can’t get that deep can it ? Well, maybe in some places where it drifts Mom says................uhoh. ... let’s get going to the airport now I say. We will soon Mom says, but first we have to get Adrienne ready for her winter sleep...........Maybe next update will be from the warm and sunny Florida..........wwooooo hoooo
miss you all...........wet kisses.



26 september 2013 18:06

Förstår inte varför katterna inte vill bli vän med dig, du är ju så söt!
Puh, vilken tur att mannen inte trodde att du också var ett får för tänk så naken du blivit då, hihi!
Hoppas ni får en bra flygtur hem och att matte inte stressar för mycket innan!



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Vanja Säll

26 september 2013 22:37

Hejsan på er! Ni lyckas alltid att hitta intressanta saker och platser att se, vilken tur vi har som får vara med och läsa, och titta på alla fina foton. Förstår att ni tycker det börjar bli kyligt här i Sverige, snart är ni hemma i varma, sköna Florida. Jag tror jag flyttar med er.....gillar inte när det blir kallt och vinter med massor av snö. Ni ska ha fortsatt trevliga dagar i Sverige. Massor med kramar till er.



26 september 2013 23:00

Det fixar sig säkert med katterna om dom får lite tid på sig. Jag har försökt bli kompis med några men inte lyckats än. Den där volvon skulle nog hussen gilla också. Han är lite trött på att allt styrs med datorer nuförtiden i bilarna. Bekvämt men dyrt! I en gammal PV fungerade allt mekaniskt och det var enkelt att fixa det mesta själv! Tur att inte bröllopet råkade ut för något värre än att bli fotograferad i full fart... Kramis!




29 september 2013 20:27

Vilket härligt besök och väldigt roliga de där krulliga hundarna, eller fåren :) Så ni är på hemväg nu, hoppas ni får en behaglig flygtur, modig du är som vågar flyga :)




8 november 2013 15:06

Kikar in med en november kram!! :)) /Lena med flock♥




30 december 2013 18:02

Hej! Vilka fina kort du tagit på din tripp till Sverige. Länge sedan vi sågs på facebook
Önskar dig ett Gott Nytt År med mycke"syning"


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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 27 juli 13:18

Yesterday was quite an exciting day, after breaking camp packing up muddy wet stuff we headed to Mt.Washington hoping that this time we'll have a view when the sun rises. HA nope not this time either. It was a very scary drive with fog so thick you...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 25 juli 20:11

Yesterday we said goodbye to Maine and entered New Hampshire. We didn't drive very far before we set up camp in Gorham close to White Mountain which we were supposed to go up today, but this morning the sky opened up again so we decided to stay cuddl...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Fredag 23 juli 13:21

We are staying at many beautiful places the only complaint is really crappy if any, wifi  As usual, Mom is up way before the rooster and after coffee started to break down our camp only to put it up again a few hours later. (she's getting real good...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 20 juli 14:48

We both had the best night's sleep and woke up early to a very foggy and damp morning. After coffee (for Mom) we went for a walk in the quiet woods. Mom decided to stay here one more night to rest it's a very rustic place but it's quiet and dark at n...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 20 juli 01:09

We left the hotel around 11 am and continued North on route 1 following Maines coastline, many small villages start to look much the same but New Caste stuck out not only because there was a 24-hour rest stop nearby. My Mom had just stopped so both o...

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