Alla inlägg den 28 maj 2015

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 maj 2015 20:56

I'm so sorry about not updating my blog, but as you know it's never my fault, it's Moms. We are once again in a place where they have no WIFI and when Mom went to the store to buy a wireless card, the lady in the store didn't know much, which as usual made Mom irritated and the drop that sent her over the edge was when the lady received a message on her phone and HAD to look at it right in the middle of conversation.

Mom hit the roof and walked out with no card to the PC.

Tomorrow we'll be in a city so no more excuses ............

The daily "fika"is continuing, Mom and Vanja made more trips into town ,and this time Vanja was kind enough to share some of her shrimp with me.............. but Mom ..................not even a small bite ? 



it's sunny, but windy and cold, so we made a very quick walk around town to make sure everything was still in right places. This little statue is new to Mom and it's a memorial of a little immigrant boy who's crying for his family ............can't blame him


This deer has been sitting in this place as long as Mom could remember, and the flowerbed has always been beautiful. This time of the year it's only tulips that can take the cold



We made a quick stop at Mom's cousin, and there was a tiny human that at first was afraid of me, but when she understood how nice I was she pulled my hair so she got two big handfuls................not so nice but I kept my cool and got away by jumping up on the couch.






We left Mom's puppy town around 5 pm Sunday evening and drove about 180 miles heading south. Lucy is purring almost as fine as Lilly, and we had the sun in our back all along. Since the highway is so boring we took a few backroads through the woods

So far I have seen a Moose, a red Fox and a Eurasian Curlev...........the last one is a bird that reminds the northernes it's spring time.

The shadow from Lucy on the road shows how low the sun is.




we went to sleep for a few hours at a truckstop mom was very familiar with, and as soon as Mom felt rested we continued south on the highway.

Next nap was by a lake and we was half way to our destination.



Finally we arrived at the village where we left all of Adriennes stuff 2 years ago, and it was great to see our friends again.................don't know what Mom was thinking about, since she forgot taking pictures of everybody ?? but here's me and the guy that's the easiest to flirt with. Mom keep telling him to stop spoiling me, but he doesn't listen..................in other words, a real good guy 


A lot of fresh air and freedom to run, require many naps...




This is one strange puppy sitting on a field, and I have no idea what he's all about 




This is a barn Swallov that was flying making loops and putting on a real show. It was fun watching, and even more fun when he flew in through the front door, made a few circles around the fixture above the

kitchen table, and than out .....................

They sure know how to fly.




Tomorrow we'll continue our trip south and eventually we'll end up with Moms puppyfriend and "personal chef" Lotta, who's supposed to come along on our trip through Norway..................woohoooo

Wonder if her cat Morre will remember me ?  he's buddy Saba went over the rainbow bridge a while ago, so maybe he'll be a little friendlier to me this time?............I'm hoping so my missing Lilly will be less painful.

All is well with us, even though the weather stink so far................it's cooooooldddd


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