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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 maj 2015 21:19

Around noon today we left our friends place in the small village and are heading south in a very slow pace. As soon as we got to the bigger city Mom picked up a card for the computer so we can stay in touch. I hope it means no more excuses for updating my blog every day as she promised.
We didn’t drive very far today, we didn’t even make it to the place we planned, before Mom said she was to tired to keep on driving..............As a matter of fact, we only made 116 miles (19mil) and we stopped for the night at a campsite Mom was familiar with from waaaaaay back when she camped with her parents. This also gave her the opportunity to take care of all the laundry that’s been piling up. I found my first Swedish dog friend, and I wish we didn’t need the leads so we could have really played. He reminded me of a friend back home .........Henry rest in peace.
it's now Saturday morning, and my entire blog from last night disappeared ? so I have to start all over .
Before we left our friends and the little village we went to the town Moms Dad lived (RIP to him too) to have dinner. Well, not me of course, my job is to watch Lucy which I don’t think is totally fair, but what can I do ? They ate meat cooked on a piece of wood, and didn’t bring me as much as a smidge.
I’ve forgotten to add the maps from our first drive, which was 466 miles (75 mil) and 2 naps on the road
At our friends farm house they have a bathroom that smells heavenly,  I’ve been trying to get closer to investigate,but Mom stopped me.I’ve tried every trick I know to get away, but Moms hawk eye got me every time. Here she’s holding me in an iron grip, not a chance this time either.
Here we are, ready to continue our drive south, and to Lotta and Morre who we can’t wait to meet again..............but we have a few errands on the way.
Yesterdays map
Our neighbors at this place are Germans, and Lucy looks like a little midget compare to this big fancy rig, but she’s all we need. Unfortunately we have a problem with the fridge that don’t want to start on 220 or 12 v. )Only propane seems to work, and that’s also very difficult to get started. With luck it’s an easy fix...........like Mom don’t know what she’s doing and we’ll get help today.
Everybody is sitting inside watching TV as we’re taking a long evening walk around these gorgeous surroundings. Lucy don’t have a TV like Adrienne had, and Mom isn’t buying one either, because she says we’re supposed to enjoy the nature and beautiful country side. I tend to agree.
This is how the sky looked last night, and that means sunny the following day. ...........we woke up to clear blue sunny sky, but still not very warm......................
It’s now 7.15 AM and I’m still in bed dictating my blog for Mom, I sure hope I don’t have to do it over again. Time for my morning walk and breakfast.
See ya later alligator............


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