Alla inlägg den 3 juni 2015

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 3 juni 2015 08:54

Yesterday afternoon, we left Lottas house and continued south, driving for about an hour we stopped at a real nice campsite by the Baltic sea....................(maybe we'll see a Russian submarine  ;-) )

So it’s Wednesday morning, and Mom still awakes at 4 AM and can’t go back to sleep. It can’t possible be jetlag because if that was the case she should be ready for bed since it’s 10PM in US ..........oh well, whatever the reason I sure hope it’ll change soon, because I’m still very sleepy. This morning she let me stay in bed as she went for a walk to take pictures of the sunrise............




after breakfast 2 hours later I happily went along to explore the cliffs. There’s signs all over the place about dogs HAS to be on a lead, but nobody is awake yet, and we all know how ornery Mom can be about rules, which is just fine with me.



It looks like it’ll be a wonderful day except it’s windy as hell, and Mom has decided to take the ferry to Gotland, which is Sweden's largest island located in the Baltic Sea. 

She’s really concerned about getting seasick, but have some kind of sticky thing to put behind her ear that Dr.Berk gave her. Hope it works, because I don’t know what to do if she’s going to barf all over. The boat aren't sailing until 9 PM and the trip takes about 3 hours , so we have a lot of time to kill.
more walks and more fika 
 The tall trees are blooming, and all the pollen is flying around to bug Mom’s allergy ................it looks like pea soup in the water.
In Sweden many shops have these signs and loops outside stores, and it’s meant to leave us here while the Moms and Dads are shopping. Mom says she’s scared there are dognappers that’ll come along and steal me, so I’ll be safely locked up in Lucy when she goes shopping. I tell her there’s no need to go shopping anyway....................well maybe supermarkets
we have to check out from this gorgeous space at noon, so we’ll have to find some nice spot in town to park and wait for the ferry. I heard I have to stay and watch Lucy on that trip, but Mom isn’t allowed to stay with me, but from what I understand she get to make 1 visit to check on me. I’m a champ, I can handle it...................see ya later
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