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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 5 juni 2015 21:05

We were in no hurry to get going this morning, we just strolled the beach and surroundings enjoying the beautiful nature and peaceful atmosphere, after midsummer (June 19) this place will be so crowded and people crowd the beaches like sardines.
this reminded Mom she really need to get a bike soon.
around noon we checked out of this place and continued on narrow road winding through a great landscape. we’re still at the small island Fårö located northeast of the large island Gotland. The oldest oak tree named Ava is over 1000 years old, and over 5 meter in diameter.  
 Carolus Linnaeus (23 May 1707 – 10 January 1778) was a Swedish botanist and zoologist who created a system,to name every kind of animal and plant consisting of two Latin words, for its genus and speices.This became used by biologists all over the world, and he is known as the "father of modern taxonomy". He was famous in his time. He was made a noble by the Swedish king and in Swedish his name is Carl Von Linne`............The story goes that he in 1741 rested under this tree, and also measured the crown to be 28 yards wide, which equals a fourth of a soccer field..........and it's protected. 
Can't be too much fun for the people who lives here, to have tourist coming by all the time, I was being very respectful and didn't lift my leg on it.  Looks like a door n the middle of the stem.
We also visited the most Northern tip and looked at an old light house and a very rocky beach.
Than all of a sudden ............I couldn’t believe my ears, people spoke just like they do at home...........but what on earth are they doing ? They were quietly walking around in a pattern between a bunch of rocks.?? American tourists can be made to do anything..........it’s an old superstitious where you walk through the spiral to the center, and make a wish. Be careful, don’t disturb any of the rocks or your wish doesn’t come true
next we looped around the tip of the island and started south on the west side, There’s a national park and the shoreline is covered with “rauks”, and the only translation Mom could find was “sea stack”. It’s a formation of rocks that years of ocean pounding has created. These aren’t the most famous, so we’ll get back to that later. I stayed in Lucy and watched, since it didn’t look like a very friendly place for my short legs.
 these are some fishermen huts
finally we parked at a small marina, where we discovered a lot of seagulls nesting. They got real naughty and attacked in groups if you got too close. So here goes the lead on again...............
this swan didn’t want company either
time to sleep, see ya in the morning..............



5 juni 2015 23:42

Tyvärr funkar inte översättningen, symbolen finns, men inget mer, ingen under skrift att trycka sej vidare på till Svenska eller något språk!! :(( men jag ser i alla fall att ni mår bra! :))

Kram på er!! :)))


EvaLena Hallgren

6 juni 2015 06:10

så tråkigt, men det fungerade fint för mig. Jodå vi mår toppen fint. Vädret har blivit bättre sen vi kom till Gotland, och just nu ligger vi i en småbåtshamn på Fårö.
kramar tillbaka.

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