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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 6 juni 2015 20:13

Once again we’re up early, can’t say up with the sun, because that’s at 3.50 AM, and that’s too early even for Mom. After a morning walk around the harbor we continued our drive
there's a lot of old windmills here, and these are built of cement............. 
to my surprise Mom stopped at a church ?? as far as I know she has no interest in the Godly stuff ?  We walked  around a bunch of stones where dead people live, and I had to go. Mom didn’t think that was a good idea, but you got to go you got to go..............she cleaned up and nobody saw us. Hopefully  Henning and Alice who lay there didn't mind too much....................sorry 
I soon got the explanation on why we were walking around on dead people. Here was the famous filmmaker Ingmar Bergman's grave. He died in his home at the island in 2007. His fifth wife Ingrid von Rosen (not to be confused with the actress Ingrid Bergman ) died of stomach cancer in 1995 and was buried in Stockholm, but Ingmar made the request to move her to his grave at Fårö, and her children complied. After her death Ingmar became a recluse. Ingmar had a hip surgery that he never recovered from, and later 2 strokes ................only movie of his that Mom likes is Fanny and Alexander...........many of his movies are filmed on the island and are so morose it’s hard to believe 4 of his movies won Oscars.
not sure why people put money on his stone ?  first of all, where he is he doesn't need any, and second, I'm sure he had more than enough to start with. Maybe people want to pitch in for a bigger more elaborate stone ?.............but Ingmar himself had planned everything about his funeral..........
out of curiosity we went inside, and it looked just like most churches do.............
there was a great view form the church, and that was a reason Ingmar choose this particular spot
all the blooming lilacs are very pretty and gives a wonderful scent, but killing moms allergies ................
time to get back on the little ferry to leave the small island and to get back to the large island. This is considered part of the road so it's free.
Next stop is a small town called Slite, and here’s one of Europe's most modern and energy-efficient cement plants with advanced measuring and monitoring systems.The limestone is mined in 2 open quarries.
The factory has continuously adapted to the greatest possible consideration for the environment. They have advanced treatment plants to minimize emissions and they are constantly working to reduce other local environmental impacts such as dust, noise and vibration.
The capacity is 7000 tons of cement per day or 2.5 million tonnes per year. Annually, the plant generates 20,500 MWh of electricity and district heat production is 15,600 MWh. Slite plant over the years has supplied district heating and electricity from surplus heat, corresponding to approximately 13 percent of our electricity consumption.
Mom don't care what they claim, it's dusty as heck............
guess this is a tire from one of the machines they're using down there.
today it’s Sweden's national day, so there should be some kind of celebration even in a tiny town like this ? or oat least so we thought.
I got to ride in my stroller in to town, and sure enough there was a few people on a stage playing the fiddle, and Mom got served free coffee and a delicious (according to her, I got nothing ) donut.
there was only one lady dressed in the traditional costume...........and she had a dog that maybe was a little embarrassed because he hid under the table
this wasn’t all that exciting so we left and went for a walk through the park,and it looks like someone is trying to cheer people up by adding some color...............it made Mom smile, but I’m warning her...........don’t get any ideas ............remember the HOA at home..........
Mom made supper, and we're in for another peaceful night in Lucy.....................

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6 juni 2015 23:23

Hoppas att ni har haft en skön nationaldag! Vi har vart i parken där du och jag bar för två år sen och i år bar programmet riktigt bra! Vi har haft en skön dag men nu är vi hemma och bingen väntar:=) god natt!

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