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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 8 juni 2015 20:58

We packed up and left Slite around noon and kept going south, heading for the most southern tip of the island. That lady in the little map box Mom is listening to had a hick up, or something...........(Mom programmed her wrong ;-) ) so we ended up in a small fishing harbor. Unbelievable windy, so I quickly did my business and got back in to Lucy to relax. This wind is making it difficult for Mom to drive since Lucy likes to take off sideways, especially when we meet a truck..................good thing there aren’t too many of them...

great looking cows with their kids are resting on the fields..............I tried start up a conversation, but all I got was a blank stare back ..........
 We stopped at a very nice rest stop, and Mom made a note of how good of a place it would be to spend a night for free, but it was too early.
At the stop was a little house where this lady lived. She was sitting there spinning the wool from the sheep. I really wanted a bite of that, but nooooo of course it was a nooooooo
Behind her house was a path to the beach, so we went for my peepee walk, and in the water was lots of windmills to generate clean power.
Driving along, a sign that said “scenic route” popped up, so we shut up the Garmin lady and went that way. It started ok, but became very narrow, just about the width of Lucy. Hope this is a one way street Mom said, but nope it wasn’t. Luckily we only met a few small cars. It was a very nice ride and we stopped to make lunch. Not the greatest (we’ll eat better when Lotta comes along) but the view was killer.
Mom was a little impressed with herself being able to navigate in these tight spaces..................big deal I say, wait until we get to Norway...............
Finally we got to the tip of the island, still windy but now we’re here so let’s go for a hike. Mom thought of leaving me watching Lucy again, she was worried I wouldn’t be able to navigate the cliffs with my short legs...............ha-ha, if she can, so can I, and off we went.
we hiked for 3,5 hours, up and down cliffs. Only once did Mom have to carry me .................well, she didn’t HAVE to, she did because there was so much nettle that burn your skin. It wouldn’t have bothered me, I think........... but she got burned a lot.. there was also a lot of sharp thistle that stuck to me.  
What was most exciting on this hike ( in my opinion) was all these holes, and gazillions of rabbits, they were so shy they ran as soon as we got a little close. I told Mom to let me loose so I can say hello, but again, noooooo, this is a nature preserve no unleached dogs allowed.............since when did you worry about rules ? huh? 
The rabbits left lots and lots of little pellets around, not as tasty as the meatballs at the stable, but not really bad either.............Mom didn’t approve, but we have already established we have a different palate ...............haven’t we ?
When we got to the water Mom filled her pockets with rocks ? and what looked like soft sand is not, it’s a rock, but soft enough to etch my name with a rock..................Buttons was here .............
From the beach we had to climb back up, and there we met a gorgeous New Fondland. A quick whiff, a picture and we were on our way. The wind kept getting stronger so we both were pretty tired by the time we got back to Lucy.
We drove back to the rest stop by the little spinning lady's house, and went to sleep almost immediately..............Mom said she’s very proud of me being so good at hiking. ............we woke up early again, and some workers shooed us away since they were about to put up some new tables.
Fine with us, so we’re now back in the town where the ferry will take us back to the main land on Thursday. Mom spent most of the day cleaning Lucy ( she bought a 12V vacuum cleaner) I too got a good brushing and it felt good to get rid of all kinds of stuff that was stuck in my hair.The pollen count and all the dust for being so dry is making a mess, and you know how picky Mom could be...................Good Night all.................


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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 21 juni 09:52

Driving south towards Vienna in scorching hot weather Mom got sleepy very quickly so when she spotted a camp she quickly pulled in and parked. It wasn't many miles left and she still hasn't figured out how to drive avoiding the zones Lucy weren't all...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Tisdag 19 juni 22:17

This morning we got up early as usual and the plan was to make it to Vienna by the evening but first Mom wanted to visit the Punkva caves that are located a little bit north of a city named Brno. Mom has now named Brno the city with the worst roads e...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Måndag 18 juni 22:26

I really think Mom has lost count on what day it is because last night we stayed in Kutna Hora and now we're on our way to see some caves....oh well who cares Getting up early as usual and leaving Prague Linnea took us straight through town, lucky ...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 17 juni 07:17

Yesterday when we got back from the city we were both totally exhausted, Mom can't understand why I should be since I was riding in the carriage the entire time? Well, let me tell you even if I feel rather safe in my spot it's impossible to take naps...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Lördag 16 juni 06:58

Early rise as usual and watching the sunrise over the river Vltava.............nope, that's not a misspelling.      Remeber yesterday when Mom said, "we're driving straight to Prague on highways"? well, she tried to change that when she saw t...








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