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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 juni 2015 22:05

Today has been very relaxing and uneventful, which is totally ok once in a while. We're staying at the same place a second night. First day since we got to Sweden,that it really felt like summer, and Mom got her laundry done, and painted her rocks into ladybugs.
In the afternoon we went for a very long walk to the supermarket, I wasn’t really walking I was riding in my buggy. Mom could really use the exercise now, since she succumbed to her Swedish biggest sin..............the cinnamon bun has America sized and is as good as Mom remember from  puppyhood, but back than they were a fourth of this size............................and it didn’t get glued to the hip like now..............Max I really did warn her, but she’s not listening to me, I think you need to have a serious talk to her about this addiction...........
in the afternoon Mom sat in the sun and embroidered, and I chewed on my bull muscle...............life is good
there’s a motorcycle meeting in town and some guys are camping here. This bike is a Ducati in disguise made to look like a bull.............it even sounded like one, and that I didn’t like at all....
here’s a view towards the city and the ferry 
adjacent to this campsite is Pippi Longstocking world, and this is the ship her Dad sailed on the seven seas
they’re trying real hard to make this place look like it’s tropical, but I think they should stick to the beautiful roses that grows plentiful here. The palm tree looks very sad.
well, the pine trees looks like it got a beating too
Sweden is very Americanized  in many places, here’s a copy of a diner.....................have to say they’ve been very inventive when it comes to the garbage cans though.
The mini golf was pretty cool too............
This picture is taken directly into the sun at 9.30 PM, and it’s now time to crawl up in the bed and sleep................hope everything is ok with all of you who follow me on my trip.......wish you let me know .......I miss you all..................Good Night 

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9 juni 2015 22:53

Skönt att ni fått en slow day. Likadant här,_men i morrn bitti ska jag upp och koka palt! Nässdjäla, he vait dö väl vå he djer:=))

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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 29 augusti 2018 17:31

It's getting longer and longer between the updates now, and I know that it means getting closer to the flight over the ocean so I'm ok with it. I think Mom got a little bit of cabin fever parked on the top of a ski slope in a small village called S...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 22 augusti 2018 09:04

I haven't updated my blog in over a week and I haven't bugged Mom about it either. The reason is that we spent a week in Moms puppy town visiting with friends and relatives. Not much happening for me but I'm very grateful to be in the country where M...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 augusti 2018 20:43

Last night we spent by this river and we both slept very well as the wind rocked us to sleep. In the morning it was sunny and it looked like it'll turn out to another gorgeous day.   there is not much traffic here and it could feel pretty lonely...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 augusti 2018 06:12

Just woke up and we're parked by a lake in the middle of nowhere, at least that's what I think but Mom says she knows exactly where we are and where we're going.................so we'll see. We've been visiting with Moms cousins in their gorgeous l...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 augusti 2018 07:01

An entire week has been gone by since my update and that's because Mom says we don't have much to tell right now. We are at Mom's puppy town and visiting so many homes eating and eating and eating and in between, we do "fika" I have most wrapped ...

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