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Finally it looks like we have a decent connection to the cyber world, and there are so many days for me to catch up on, but I don’t think Mom is willing to take the time to start back from where I left off, so here it goes.
Like I said, we’re in Norway for the third day, and are slowly driving North. There’s no such thing as speeding on these roads, as they are winding around up and down the mountains. All roads only have one lane, and are very narrow, without a median.............just a ditch
First stop was in Norway was in a town called Trondheim, and only reason we went there was because Mom wanted to see the Nidaros Cathedral ?? again what’s up with Mom and her obsession with churches lately ? Mom says it was because she was there as a little puppy, and remembered it as a huge scary place. I had to stay and watch Lucy again, which was OK since it was raining.
Mom said it wasn’t scary at all anymore, but looking at the pictures at all the statues clinging to the walls all over the place, I could see why it was scary back than.

Work on the cathedral as a memorial to St. Olav started in 1070. It was finished some time around 1300, nearly 150 years after being established as the cathedral of the diocese. The cathedral was badly damaged by fires in 1327 and again in 1531. The west section was destroyed and was not rebuilt until the restoration in early 1900s.

In 1708 the church burned down completely except for the stone walls. It was struck by lightning in 1719, and was again ravaged by fire. Major rebuilding and restoration of the cathedral started in 1869



Trondheim lies on the south shore of the Trondheimsfjord.

The settlement was founded in 997 as a trading post, and it served as the capital of Norway during the Viking age until 1217.

The city has experienced several major fires. Since much of the city was made of wooden buildings, many of the fires caused severe damage. Great fires ravaged the city in 1598, 1651, 1681, 1708, twice in 1717, 1742, 1788, 1841 and 1842; however, these were only the worst cases and there have been several smaller fires in the city. The 1651 fire destroyed 90% of all buildings within the city limits. The fire in 1681 (the "Horneman Fire") led to an almost total reconstruction of the city. At the time, the city had a population of roughly 8000 inhabitants.

After the Treaty of Roskilde on 26 February 1658, Trondheim  became Swedish territory for a brief period, but the area was reconquered 10 months later. The conflict was finally settled by the Treaty of Copenhagen on 27 May 1660.


During World War II, Trondheim was occupied by Nazi Germany from 9 April 1940, the first day of the invasion of Norway, until the end of the war in Europe,May 8 1945.The home of the most notorious Norwegian Gestapo agent, Henry Rinnan, was in Trondheim. The city and its citizens were also subject to harsh treatment by the occupying powers, including imposition of martial law in October 1942. During this time the Germans turned the city and its environs into a major base for submarines (which included building the large submarine base and bunker Dora 1), and also contemplated a scheme to build a new city for 300,000 inhabitants, ("Northern Star"), centred 15 kilometres (9 miles) southwest of Trondheim, near the wetlands of Øysand in the outskirts of Melhus municipality. This new metropolis was to be accompanied by a massively expanded version of the already existing naval base, which was intended to become the primary future stronghold of the German Kriegsmachine. Today there are few physical remains of this enormous construction project.


Mom said there was a lot more to see in this city, but since it was raining, and a town that was extremely difficult to navigate. The Garmin lady screwed everything up, and I’m pretty sure we drove a little bit on a bicycle path...................The people we met looked a little surprised.........We decided to keep going North to find a place to camp out for the night. 



the campsite we found was a complete mud hole, so we stayed at the concrete where you’re supposed to wash RVs, and we had the company of another Lucy.



we kept going North through gorgeous landscape, and made a few bathroom stops for me, fika for Mom and smoke for Lotta




One night we stopped at a military place where we was protected by a bandwagon 



Finally we woke up to a day of sunshine, it’s not warm, only 48 degrees F, but as long as it isn’t raining we’re fine



Lotta stole my seat, so I thought I’ll sit on the table to look out.......................not very popular with Mom



Here we are at the middle of Norway, still heading north to more gorgeous mountains and fjords,



Last night we ate our supper outside for the first time, we were sitting at the bottom of a snowy mountain, and it was gorgeous. Lotta made a delicious supper (not for me of course) I have pictures, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, because it’s now 10 AM and it’s time to continue our trip.................hopefully Mom will find a good connection tomorrow night too........................




Norway is gorgeous, and there's more to come ..................says Mom......................


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