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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 19 juni 2015 16:12

Today Sweden celebrate midsummer, but here in Norway it’s not until the 23rd. Weather has been great for 3 days now. Not much heat, but sunny so there’s no complaining.

Today we are at a place called Polar Camp, and it has absolutely magnificent views............Sky is blue so we decided to stay here 2 nights.
Again Lotta made a delicious supper, salmon and a salad. This time I did get a small taste............



The drive to get here were on roads even more narrow than before, and I could sense Mom was a tad nervous since she started to talk to herself .........................(she does that when she’s scared )  I think it got even worse when we saw two RVs that had met and smacked their rearview mirrors together.



Another scary thing is the tunnels, the longest one so far was 8 km, dark and narrow.......


This where I sleep, and it's very comfy cosy

Today we did something absolutely amazing, we went for a long boat trip and saw a pilot whale, that’s been living in this fjord for 10 years. We were told he always comes to greet the boats. We figured it must be quite lonely since he seems to be the only whale here ??
Before we went on the boat, both Mom and Lotta gave me a real squeeze, to make sure I’ll be ok ...............like I was going to get scared ???
Ok tough guy says Mom.............how come you were shaking the first 2 minutes than ? .............Me ?? I was cold ......Winking smile 


Lotta got herself a shower from a waterfall, Mom came inside, since her camera does not like salt water




Mom got to try her luck at fishing..................no fish tough



Here's a few more pictures from the boat




The mountainside showed amazing fossils and some places looked like a work of art, can you find the witch ? 




This is our Captain Mr Albert




Amazingly, there’s some beautiful flowers growing on the mountain side.



we picked flowers for our midsummer table, and tomorrow we’ll be on our way again, first a ferry, than driving, and finally a bike ride to get where we’re going. ................It’ll be a surprise Mom says ......................I’m hoping it’ll be warm 




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