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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 juli 2015 07:46

Thursday morning, and it’s still raining and raining, we’re both getting real tired of this. If the weather would be any better somewhere else we would go there, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. We’re also waiting for the battery to be installed, as it is now Mom can’t run the heater............which is mostly ok, but in the morning it would be nice to turn it on for a little while

 Yesterday morning we went for a long walk along the river, we passed the hood where Mom grew up, and I could hear her reminiscing. 

I was in my stroller most of the way.............


Lejonströmsbron is a wooden bridge close to Moms puppy home. The bridge was completed in 1737 and is the oldest wooden bridge in Sweden. It is 207.5 meters long (227 yards)

In the first years there was a bridge toll to pass  as follows:

  • A walking person - 1 öre
  • A rider on horseback - 3 öre
  • Carts pulled by a horse - 6 öre
  • Wagon pulled by a several horses - 12 öre

In 1868 a speed limit was introduced over the bridge. If you drove or rode faster than a pedestrian, you’ll be fined five crowns.




As a puppy, Mom and her buddies used to climb down to the stone pillars and fish, ( fishing in the river require a license, which they had no money for )

Mom looked trying to figure out how on earth they did that ? it looked very dangerous to her now....................and I told her she’s to old and fat to even consider a trying................oooopps, there goes my afternoon treat..........




town has done a great job building this river walk,( it used to be a steep muddy bank )and after we crossed the bridge we came to the church where Mom was confirmed.The stone church that was built on the site in the early 1500s included the sacristy and part of the masonry of the new church which was completed in 1800 after seven years of construction



When I was a kid I climbed up in to that clock tower Mom says, as she dreamingly looks up...................

This time I kept quiet, ( not risking another treat ) but I was thinking the same thing as I did on the bridge.

we continued to the old city of farmers..........

400 years ago the church village was the centre of the region surrounding Skellefteå. The church-goers from the countryside got together here during church holidays and conducted trade, drank, fought, proposed, asked for God’s forgiveness and listened to priest’s sermons.

Several of the timber houses are well over 150 years old and in the old days the Church Town got erected due to the obligatory church visits for the farmers and their families. Today there are 116 houses with a total of 392 chambers. These were used as overnight stop for parishioners who lived too far away to make the journey to the church and back in one day. 


This was also a place Mom and her friends hang out as kids, ( there was always someone who had a family member that owned one) Good thing these walls can't talk..........

after a short stop at a friends chamber, bath room visit, Mom decided to walk back the same way, instead of through the city and a different bridge, which would have been closer, but not as pretty



Yesterday morning a childhood friend of Moms stopped by with cinnamon buns he had baked..........( did you hear that Max ? ) His Mom used to work at the cafeteria in our school, and she lived close by so we went to see her. She's 96 years old, but still remember Mom ? and told me a story about her ...............(risking a treat again )

Apparently they had a teacher who was preaching all the time,thinking he was holier than tough.......... so one day he came walking in the corridor, Mom stood up curtsied and said : Good morning Jesus..............and this sweet old lady remembered that ??? 
This looks like it's going to be another day sitting inside Lucy waiting for the rain to stop..............booooring .........






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