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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 juli 2015 05:47

Yesterday we couldn't get on line, and that was because our surftime on the wireless was empty. No matter how much Mom tried she couldn't load it to work. Not sure the guy in the store knew what he was doing, but in the end we got a new modem, and now it seems to work ok. We also got a thing to charge the PC on 12 V so there should never be any excuses not to help me update my blog................right ?  

Next thing we need is a solar panel to charge the batteries, and after some research there is an inexpensive one that's easy to install and seems to do the trick.

Driving south Mom got sleepy so we pulled over for a little nap................still driving on the main "expressway" E4, Mom decided to pull in to a city she always pass, and to our surprise they're having a motorweek with lots of activities, so we'll be staying for a few days. We're parked in the harbor and parts of it is roped off for racing.

This is the wiev from my window in the evening


In the morning there was a lot of cars showing, and later the races started. I stayed in Lucy because of the awful noice that bothered my ears, and the crowds was no fun for me either.......................


all kind of cars was racing 



even a cowboy was here ??



A young girl was driving her car on 2 wheels, and her Dad was driving next to her.




she was only 13,driving the blue car, and said she started driving at 1,5 standing in Dads jeep.................not very legal of course..........she loves to drive and practice every day to get better.............I'm sure te motor sport will hear more about her in the future.




this car wasn't racing, just showing off




This town called Hudiksvall was founded by King John III in 1582. 

At the time, fishing and the trading of furs, skins, iron, copper and wood products were the main sources of income, and the city flourished. But the city lost its privileges for foreign trading in 1636, and its development was somewhat stalled for the next two centuries.

It has been damaged by fires some 10 times, the most severe when it was burnt by the Russians in 1721, whereafter only the church remained. The current street structure was applied in 1792 as part of the reconstruction necessitated by another fire............the population is 15 400

This proud fisherman is looking over the old warehouses


This is a real cool display of art, not sure what the building is...................



Today is ladies cruising day, and they're supposed to parade all dressed up and we're to judge the best dressed and nicest car..................that'll be a lot of fun, wish I knew how to wolf whistle..............that'll confuse the hell out of them 

The shoe store was showing what they got for the 50 ie style


I'm hoping weather is getting a little warmer so we can enjoy todays show............at least it isn't raining now............but the sky doesn't look good.................



This is my morning wiev ............




that's all for now.......................be good 



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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 17 juni 07:17

Yesterday when we got back from the city we were both totally exhausted, Mom can't understand why I should be since I was riding in the carriage the entire time? Well, let me tell you even if I feel rather safe in my spot it's impossible to take naps...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Lördag 16 juni 06:58

Early rise as usual and watching the sunrise over the river Vltava.............nope, that's not a misspelling.      Remeber yesterday when Mom said, "we're driving straight to Prague on highways"? well, she tried to change that when she saw t...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 14 juni 21:45

At the moment we’re in a town called Wroclaw and if we had taken the high way we would have been here in 3 hours tops, but as usual Mom’s doing her thing and off into the boondocks we went. Who knew it was so difficult to get around in Po...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Onsdag 13 juni 21:16

When we woke up this morning it looked like it would start raining any minute, so we waited around thinking it’ll get better before we start riding the bike into the city centre. The weather didn’t change so Mom got the brilliant idea of ...

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Onsdag 13 juni 08:12

We didn't leave the camp until noon despite Mom getting up before 5 am, she said she had so much to do...…haha. We took a long early walk on the dock looking at all beautiful sailboats. Mom admired this wooden ship the most.        ...








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