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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 18 juli 2015 07:30

After one day of beautiful sunshine, it's raining AGAIN..............good thing Mom finally found a book that captured her interest.............but what about me ? what can I do beside napping ? .............good thing I do like to nap.


Before Mom went to sleep last night, she kept thinking about that modem she bought, and thought it strange that it'll stop working at the same time as surftime was up, and decided to try the old one first thing in the morning...............and it worked..............again bad advice from unprofessional sales people.

The other thing she noticed ( with help from another camper) was that the propane bottle she got at the last place is the wrong size..............no wonder she had to fight to get it to fit .............shit..............every day is a learning day.

the modem is returned, money back and the propane tank is next when it's empty.

The ladies cruising day started with beautiful blue skies and finally a sun that warmed us.

Unfortunatley it wasn't very organized, and it was difficult to follow what was going on, so after a long wait we finally left late afternoon.


These ladies was by far Moms favorites, a Fiat something....... have no clue, but it looked like a lady bug





Hippies ??? with a muscle car ?? they are too young to know.............oh that's a song, right ?  he's too young ............lalala



these ladies cracked me up, looks like their wigs are too small for their heads............is that a song too ?? it should be



if I was the judge these girls would win..............



Moms dad had both these cars ..................once upon a time...........another song ?? 




there wasn't many really really nice cars, you know the kind we see at home, but not too bad for this part of the woods.............but the girls was very pretty....


Looks like that cowboy guy we saw yesterday has a restaurant in town also ? 




Like I said, we left in the afternoon and continued south. This time we stopped in Gavle, and this is my wiev from my window now.


Now we are in Gävle, which became a city in 1446, and is the oldest city in Northern Sweden In recent years, the city has received a lot of international attention due to its large Yule goat figure made of straw . The goat is erected in December each year and is subsequently, more often than not, subject to vandalisation by someone setting it on fire. The goat has now become a symbol for the city and is being used for various marketing purposes.

The history of the goat began in 1966. Stig Gavlén came up with the idea of placing a giant version of the traditional Swedish Christmas goat of straw in Slottstorget (Castle Square) in central Gävle. On 1 December the 13-metre tall, 7-metre long, 3 tonne goat was erected on the square. At midnight on New years eve, the goat went up in flames. The goat has since had a history of being burnt almost every year, 2005 being the 22nd time it was burnt. Burning the goat is an illegal act and not welcomed by most citizens of Gävle, but undoubtedly this is what has made the goat famous. In 2006 the goat was covered in a flame-resistant coating to prevent arson, enabling the goat to remain standing throughout that winter...........but it gave the goat an ugly look. On December 21, 2013, the goat was burnt for the 27th time.

One year an American tourist was visiting around Christmas. Sitting in a bar he was told the story, and due to bad translation, he took it as a tradition that you weere SUPPOSED to do it, so he did and got arrested .............

Every year people bet on how long he'll survive, and last year Mom lost, because strangley enough he survived....................here's a link to the goat story..............



 Gävle is  alsoknown for being the birthplace of the Gevalia coffee brand, which is produced by Krafts general foods of Scandinavia and exported around the globe. Gevalia is particularly popular in America and produces dozens of unique flavored coffees for US,A that are not available to its customers in Europe. .... (Gevalia is the Latin name for Gävle).We are parked just across the canal from the factory, and in the past you could smell the coffee..................but not now ? 

During the 16th century, Gävle was one of the most important port and merchant towns with many shipping companies and shipyards.

In 1787 Gävle was awarded "free and unrestricted sailing rights" to and from foreign ports. This led to an increase in trade, which in turn lead to an increase in buildings, industrial developments, trade and shipping.

Today there are only few shipping companies or shipyards left, but an important port remains. It has over 1000 ships calling per year and is among the top ten common ports in Sweden.

Well, there's a lot of interesting places to visit here, but since it's raining cats and dogs again...........Mom will continue her book, and I'll continue my napping.............

to be continued................miss ya all




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